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Bet NBA Coming Down to the Wire

Eleven days. That’s how long we have until the NBA 2022 playoffs begin. Not even two weeks. Barely a week and a half. Before you know it, the NBA playoffs will be here. It will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen -after an amazing regular season, we have the “play in” tournament followed by the big tournament itself. It’s gonna be wild. Before then, we’ve still got plenty of regular season games that will determine who plays where (and for some, if they even play at all). You can bet NBA games all season long here at BetNow. 

Hawks vs. Raptors 

One of the most intriguing games of this Tuesday comes from the middle of the Eastern Conference playoff field. There, the Hawks head to Toronto to take on the Raptors. The Raptors are four games ahead of the Hawks and, perhaps ironically, are favored by four points at home. How do you see this one going? 

This is an important game for both teams. The Raptors want to keep pace with the top half of the conference, as they’re tied with the Bulls right now for 5th. By that same token, the Hawks want to get every win that they can, as they’re only a game out of tenth. This is, as you might imagine, a big one for both teams (and a potential playoff series to boot). 

Bucks vs. Bulls 

Speaking of potential playoff series in the Eastern Conference, there’s a wild one coming in Chicago, as the Bulls host the defending champions from Milwaukee. In this game, the Bucks are favored by 4.5 points on the road. As of now, the Bucks are 2.5 games behind the Heat for the top seed in the east. By that same token, the Bulls are tied with the Raptors and 5.5 games out of the top spot. 

This is another one of those games that very well could be a playoff series down the line. The Bucks, as defending champs, need no introduction. However, the Bulls have had a much, much better season than many anticipated going in. How do you see this one going? Do the champs take one step, albeit a small one, closer to a repeat? Or, do the Bulls show that they really are a force to be reckoned with in the East? 

Hornets vs. Heat 

The series that we’ve mentioned so far are potential Eastern Conference playoff series from deep into the NBA 2022 playoffs, past the first round, and so forth. However, this Tuesday, we have a matchup that could very well happen in the first round. Specifically, the Heat are hosting the Hornets. 

As of now, the Heat are in first place while the Hornets are in 9th, tied for 10th and a game out of 8th. So, they very well could end up playing the Heat. This could give us a good sign for how this series would go (in which, it should be said, the Heat would be heavily favored. So, the Heat are five and a half point favorites at home. Sure, the Heat would like to stay in first, but they’re also two games ahead of Boston. The Hornets need this more. How do you see this game going? 

Grizz vs. Jazz 

Another interesting game this Tuesday takes us out to the Western Conference. There, Memphis heads out to Utah to take on the Jazz. The Grizz, despite being nine games ahead of the Jazz in the standings are actually five point dogs on the road. How do you see this one going? 

These are just some of the games offered this Tuesday. You’ll be able to bet pro basketball (as well as all of the other sports we offer) all season long here at BetNow!