More Sports, More Online Sport Betting

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Online Sport Betting

To win, you need more opportunities to win. That’s one of the simple ideas that powers our entire website. Here at BetNow, we understand that our players want to bet on sports. However, we believe that you should have more opportunities to bet on a game other than just who won and who lost. That’s why we offer so many different opportunities to win, from the very beginning through the end of the game. By giving you more chances, you can win even more money through online sports betting


Thursday Night Football Online Sport Betting

As of this writing, we’re just a few hours away from the Rams and Seahawks kicking off. This is one of those rare chances to see two good teams go at each other in prime time early in the season. When you come to BetNow, you’ll be able to bet on the over/under, the betting line, and point spread – basically, what you’d be able to bet on in many other places. However, that’s just the beginning of ways that you can bet on this game. 

You can also bet on each quarter, too. If you go to our site, you’ll find lines, odds, and more for the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter and even the fourth. This way, you can have more opportunities to win. You can win all throughout the game, and cap it off by winning at the end, too. Or, for many of our players, you could lose throughout the game, and make it up at the end. With more chances to bet on a game, you have more chances to get everything that you would want out of it.  Betting is, in so many ways, about increasing your odds. With more chances to win, your odds increase. 


The Start of the NHL Season 

Of course, the eyes of the world are going to be on Thursday Night Football tonight. As there’s just one NFL game on at this time, it’s natural that it will dominate in the ratings. However, that’s far from the only big sporting event going on right now. By that same token, the NHL season has really started in earnest. This is a great opportunity to get some action going in addition to all of the NFL and MLB playoff betting that you’re doing. 

More Sports, More Online Sports Betting

As with all of our other sports, we give you as many opportunities to win as possible with hockey, too. When you go to our site, you’ll find what you expect of BetNow: all of the top betting lines, over/under, point spreads and more for each of the games. The NHL, with the season starting when it does, gives you more opportunities to get those daily games that you might have missed with the end of the MLB regular season. There are so many NHL games on a given night (particularly going into a weekend) that you’ll have as many opportunities as you might like. 

If you read the above section on “betting on the NFL game by quarters,” then you’ll understand how you can bet on the NHL games by periods, too. You can bet on who’s going to score in that period, with the lines, odds and point spread that you might expect. For the third period, as we’ve stipulated on the site, “OTs and Shootouts do not count,” so take that in when you make your bets. The daily games and periods are just the beginning of what we offer you with the NHL. 


Futures and Prop Bets, Too

If you go through each of our online sports betting pages, you’ll find that there are “prop bets,” ones that allow you to bet on so much more than just the games. The NHL is no different. You can bet on who’s going to score first in a game. You can also bet on if someone will score in the first nine minutes and thirty seconds of a game, too. (That’s not quite the first half of the first period.) Additionally, you can make a bet that the team that scores first will win the game, too. You can bet on if both teams will score in the first, as well if the game will go into overtime. 

Our bets even include “will the game go into overtime” and “will the final score of the game be odd or even?” We have additional bets on which period will be the highest-scoring one of the games. Of course, even though the hockey season has just started, the goal is always the Stanley Cup. You can bet on which team will take home Lord Stanley’s Cup today, and then wait till June 2020 for the answer. Good luck to you during this football, hockey, MLB playoff and in every other season as well.