MLB Playoffs: Propped Up Mobile Sports Betting

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
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The MLB playoffs are here, and we have more ways to bet on these games than you could imagine. Sure, you can bet the way you have all year long: the point spreads, the odds, the vig, and that sort of thing. But, for the playoffs, we wanted to give you more ways to bet. After all, more people are watching these games. More is riding on them. Here at BetNow, we wanted to rise to the occasion. So, we offer our players sheerer mobile sports betting options. That way, no matter what team wins, our players have the opportunity to walk away from a winner. 

MLB Team Props Mobile Sports Betting 

If you’re really looking for ways to get more out of these games, head on over to our “Team Props” page. There, you’ll find ways to bet throughout the game. While so many players enjoy our odds, point spreads and more, those only really come into account at the end of the game. So, you’ll either have won or lost the game. These props give you more opportunities. We know that so many of you bet our “MLB 5 Innings,” too, as another way to win throughout the game. These Team Props give you even more opportunities than that. 

You can win something at essentially any point during the game with these Team Props. For example, you can bet on which team is going to score first during the game. We give you odds on this, too. For example, as of this writing, for Game 1 of the ALDS Minnesota at New York Yankees, the Twins are Even to score first, while the Yanks are -130. If there’s a way to put odds on it, we’ll put odds on it. 

MLB Playoffs-Propped Up Mobile Sports Betting

Of course, we don’t just have “who scored first” as a prop bet. You can bet on which team scores last, too. Remember: that doesn’t mean that they have to be the team that wins. You could predict the Yankees to get a big blowout at home, and then the Twins score a run or two during “garbage time” while the Yankees have already moved on mentally to Game 2 (or vice versa). These prop bets put you in command. 


Run by Run Betting 

For the first inning of MLB playoff games alone, you’ll have the option to bet on “will there be a run scored in the first inning” as well as “the team winning after the first inning will be” as well as “most hits in the first inning.” Think about it: you could already have won three bets on the day by the time there are six outs in the game. That’s efficiency. 

Moreover, in-game betting doesn’t stop there. You’ll be able to bet on which team is the first two, three, four, five, six and seven runs in the game, too. We also offer additional over/under, unlike the other ones that you might find. We include “runs, hits, and errors” altogether. The teams on the field may be frustrated when hits don’t turn into runs, but you, as a bettor, don’t have to be. 

On top of that, we know that some of our players aren’t 100% on board with the established line on the games. We get that. That’s why we offer “Alternative Run” lines on these games, too. That way, you can get a line on the game that you do like. So, for Game 1 of Twins at Yankees, the alternative lines include the Twins favored by 1.5 runs and even the Yankees favored by 2.5 runs. However you want to bet, whatever you believe in, you can find a way to bet it at our site. 

Every Series, Every Game 

You can even bet on the “Double Result,” too. That means that you’ll bet on who’s ahead after the first five innings, as well as who wins the game. This is great for those games where you really believe in one team’s starting pitcher, but not that same team’s bullpen. So, you would pick the team with the great starter to maybe be ahead after five, and then his bullpen to lose it in the backend. As with all of our other bets, the possibilities are endless. 

Of course, maybe you don’t care about baseball at all, and you don’t plan on betting any of these games. That’s fine, too — college football will be here tomorrow, and the National Football League the day after that. You’ll be able to bet all of those games and so much more throughout the season. For the lowest vigs and most comprehensive betting action, come to BetNow. To get a bet down at our Mobile Sports Betting, and to take advantage of 100% sign up bonus, head to our site today.