MLB Betting Tips to Keep in Mind

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
MLB Betting Tips

The Major League Baseball is undoubtedly a major event in the American community. This is considering that baseball has gained a lot of fans over the years all over the world. MLB betting is something that a lot of people are looking forward to this March. This is with the beginning games kicking off on 26th to 28th of March this year. The MLB games are the bridge between the end March Madness and the start of the NFL and NCAA games for punters Therefore, you can be sure there will be exciting action taking place.  With 30 teams playing, the MLB has over 2400 games all season and 164 games estimated for each team. This is the one sport that depends on one player in determining the game outcome. This is the starting pitcher. Knowing the trends of a starting pitcher will give you a chance for a good payout on MLB betting. Betting has been made easier by the presence of online sportsbook. will provide you with awesome lines for MLB games. So to kick you off as you decide on MLB betting, below are a few MLB betting tips to apply.

MLB Betting Tips: Bankroll Management

This is always the first step to successful betting. How you decide to use money on MLB betting and any other betting can determine your financial and betting future. With good bankroll management, the only thing you will have to do is place your wagers. Well within what you set aside for that task. It is key to adapt a money management system during this. Some of the recommended money management systems include:

  • Unit System- This system involves having a number of units to divide your bankroll into. You can then assign a fraction of the number of units for every wager. For example, you may have a bankroll of 3000 dollars for your MLB betting. You can decide to have 100 units. Therefore, every unit will be worth 30 dollars. Let us use an example of the upcoming March games. You can decide to wager 2 units for Boston Red Sox to beat Toronto Blue Jays which will be 60 dollars and so on. In that case, you will know always know the specific amount to wager.
  • Flat System- In this, you rate each game equally. This way, you will bet every game with the same amount of money from your bankroll. So you can decide on a specific percentage of your bankroll for each game. Using the example above of a 3000 dollar bankroll, you can decide on using 3% on each game for that season. That is 100 dollars for each game.
  • Kelly system- This system seeks to get the probable value of your wager by assessing what the win percentage will be. Depending on the percentage is what determines how much you place on one wager. To maximize the payout, you can increase your bet size as your bankroll increases according to your winnings.

Understand the Game

There are 30 teams and over 2400 games to be played in an MLB season. Understanding this will take time. For successful online betting, you will need a lot of time to get a grip on all information concerning the game. This includes knowing the strengths of pitchers and batters, and the positions and oppositions. It is advisable not to jump into bet before understanding the specifics of the game. Also, assess the teams for some time after the season starts. This is because making predictions at the beginning of the season is hard and you will end up making wrong choices.

Check MLB Betting Trends and Tipsters

Knowing how people bet on MLB games can help while making your decision. This does not mean that what most people bet on is correct. Sometimes, you can decide to follow your instincts and bet against the public. This is fade betting. Moreover, you can check for predictions on trusted sites. At the end of the day, they may not be all helpful but the input is important. You can filter out wrong information by checking the history of the tipsters’ prediction outcomes. For more information on MLB betting and predictions, you can visit us on

Look at the Trends of Managers

This will be easy if you took the second step seriously. You know what the manager of a team likes to do within a game. The main factors to check is how he treats his players during a game and how he reacts to outcomes during the game. Also, checking injury reports will determine some of the actions taken by the manager. This determines a lot in the game outcome. 

Favorites are Not Always the Best Choice

As much as the favorites might be thought of as an assured win but sometimes they fail. Also, the lines for favorites have lower payouts compared to the underdogs. It may not always be a profitable way to bet on MLB.

The above listed are some of the basic MLB betting tips you need to master to start your MLB betting. Keep in mind, betting is addictive, so bet responsibly.