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MLB Betting Online will be Back on the Third Week of July 2020

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer

MLB season sets in motion while the NHL, NFL, college basketball and football take a pause.  In the world of sports betting, baseball can produce quite a bulk of betting activities, especially during winter months.  Major League Baseball betting sites can make this possible as they offer gambling odds for futures bets on spring training, free agency and World Series. MLB betting online will be back on the third week of July 2020 with BetNow to cover the scheduled events.

MLB Betting Online: How to Sign Up at an Online Betting Site

Although there are numerous betting online sites for baseball available on the Internet, BetNow is considered as one of the top performing sites for sports betting, particularly baseball.  Registering an account is the first step before you can enjoy the countless bonuses and betting options.  Promotional and bonus offers can stretch from First Time Deposits offers to availing discounts on MLB odds.

How to Bet on Major League Baseball

Before placing your bets, be knowledgeable on the rules of baseball and the team statistics presented on team stats.  Knowing the foundation of each team and its players will improve your odds at winning.  That, along with easy access to offers presented by BetNow, notably the MLB lines and free picks, can also help you make wise bets.

In MLB, there are three basic forms of bets and these options are accessible during both regular season as well as the World Series.  Nonetheless, there are also existing sportsbooks that are able to offer spring training lines and odds.

Moneyline Bets

A frequent option for MLB betting is moneyline wagers.  Sports bettors usually select an unmitigated winner of a certain game.  For example, in a game between the Dodgers (-130) and the Yankees (+120), the former is the crowd favorite while the latter remains the underdog, the pay out on the winning bet will depend on the odds of each team.  Always remember that the plus sign (+) usually represents the underdogs, and the minus sign (-) the favorites.

In this scenario, placing your bet on the Yankees would win you more money.  Unfortunately, since the team is the underdog, their chances of winning against the Dodgers are slim.  If you are to bet $25 for this game, the payout for the winning bet on the Dodgers is $44.23.  This gives you your $25 back along with a profit of $19.23.  On the other hand, the winning bet on the Yankees can give you a sum of $55—that’s over $10 more profit compared to the Dodgers bet.


Runline betting is baseball holds the same principle to a point spread in basketball or football.  In order for the underdogs to receive an edge in the competition, sportsbooks are allowed to conform to the lines.  This way, they can gain +1.5 runs, whereas the favorite will receive -1.5.

Applying the same analogy in the case of Los Angeles and New York, LA should be driven to win a couple or more runs, or NY not ought to lose by more than one run.


Totals can also be referred to as OVER/UNDER betting.  In this type of bet, you must determine whether the overall number of runs in a game will go over or under basing on the oddsmaker’s chosen number.  For example, in the game between Dodgers and Yankees, the number of runs is set at 8.5. If the game’s final score is 5-3, this signifies that it went UNDER, given that 5-3 gives a total of 8 runs.


Futures bets are wagers placed for games and events that are yet to take place.  Most futures are made on teams expected to win regular seasons, or even the World Series. National or American League championships are also subject to this type of betting activity.  Wagering on the futures line early in the season, be it in spring training or the regular season, can earn you generous payouts if you know how to do it right. 

Other Types of MLB Wagering Options

The following betting options can win you bigger cash, all while providing you with a higher entertainment value. 


This type of bet is a single wager that involves choosing two or more teams that should win in order for your baseball ticket to be returned. In other words, if one team you’re your selection loses, your entire wager is deemed a loss.  These bets have larger payouts compared to just picking one time to win.  Below is an example of a typical two-team parlay in MLB:

Toronto Blue Jays (-180) over Boston Red Sox

Colorado Rockies (-150) over Arizona Diamondbacks

If you are to place a $50 wager, winning that bet can earn you about $129.63.  Your initial $50 will be given back along with a profit of $79.63.

It is possible to generate larger parlays that include at least ten teams, depending on the operations of the sportsbook.  Be mindful with this type of risk – each chosen team has to win before you can collect any payouts.

Prop Bets

During playoffs and the World Series, MLB props are quite popular among bettors throughout the season.  These bets are made in terms of occurrences or non-occurrences in a particular event. Props usually muse over player stats, including the number of hits or runs done by a player, or even the record of a pitcher’s strikeouts.

Live Betting

Live betting, otherwise known as betting in running or in-play betting, is recently capturing the attention of the public.  In this type of bet, the bettors are allowed to make additional wagers even after the game has already begun.  In baseball, downtime is quite frequent .  This allows ample time for necessary line and odds adjustments. Visit our site and discover our MLB Live Betting Cheat Sheet to attain the advantage against other bettors.

For more information in line with MLB online betting, check out BetNow or contact us at 1-844-823-8669.