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MLB Betting 2021 Runs, Series Odds, and More

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
MLB Betting 2021

Now is the time for MLB betting 2021. Of course, you could say that at any time from April on through the rest of the season, going into November most times. Yes, it’s great when you have a year when there are more months with baseball than months without. However, you always want to be able to bet on it in the way that you want, too. That’s what we make happen here at BetNow. Yes, you can bet as you always have: one team to beat the other, the handicapping, the score, the over/under, etc. Now, we offer much more than just that. 

MLB Betting 2021 Runs Over and Under 

For many of us who come into betting, we do so because we really loved one team. Maybe eventually we grew out of that and came to appreciate other teams as well, the more we learned about the sport the more we were able to use that knowledge to make money. But, for the most part, so many of us start out rooting for our hometown team and go from there. 

To that end, because of that, so many of us know our hometown team (or adopted hometown team) more than we might know any other team. That makes sense: they’re in our market, they’re what our family members and coworkers are talking about the most, etc. this is the team that comes into our lives the most often, so it stands to reason that we know the most about them. That’s just human nature. 

Of course, unfortunately, betting tends to work against us that only know so much about one team. After all, as you’ve probably heard so many times, one of sport’s big clichés is “the other team is on scholarship, too.” There’s more than one team trying to win. So, even if you know so much about one team, if you don’t know anything about the other team (or even not nearly as much) it can throw you off. Enter our “total runs betting.”

Total Runs Betting on More

Now, all you really have to know to win is about one team. Do you know your team’s offense really well? Are they a powerhouse, the kind that can hit the ball all around (or out of) the ballpark? Or, alternatively, are they rebuilding? Are they not so good, and they’re going to scuff and work to get anything going on the base paths? 

Now you can be rewarded for that. With these total runs, you don’t have to bet on the outcome of the game necessarily, just how many runs your team is going to score. Are they going to score more or less than that number? That way, you can win. So, if they lose in a shootout, or win in a defensive struggle, you can still win. 

That said, to bet this, you can be a big winner not just from knowing a lot about a team’s offense, of course. But, you can win if you know a lot about their defense, too. For example, do you know that they have a truly lights out starting pitcher or ace that goes up every now and then? Do you particularly like his matchup against the other team today? Then, bet his next start. Bet the “under” for your team’s opponent that day. That way, you can take advantage of his matchup supremacy. 

another way that you can bet on baseball that’s new for plenty of folks is the “Series” way. No, we don’t mean the World Series (although you’ll be able to bet that when the time comes) but rather, betting on the series between two teams. You can bet who’s going to do the best between two teams that play for a two, three, or four game series through the course of the regular MLB season. It’s just one more way to bet America’s pastime. For even more great ways to bet, check out BetNow!