MLB 2022 Betting Done Right

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
MLB 2022 Betting

Do you want to chase big winnings while baseball teams chase the pennant? Have you been looking for the best place for MLB 2022 betting? Then look no further. Here at BetNow, we’ve got everything that you need. At our site, you can baseball how and when you want. We have essentially every game, with so many ways to play and win. There are many reasons folks choose us for baseball betting. 

And we really are serious about having every single game. We know that for many people, they live and die with baseball. Just because your team may not be having the best campaign, that doesn’t mean folks will be dissuaded from betting on them. We have every game because it’s one more way to give our folks one more way to win. 

MLB 2022 Betting Promotion 

What would you do with ten grand? If someone were to hand you ten grand right now, what would you say? That may sound like an impossible, outlandish dream, but truthfully, it’s how we’re doing each week until the end of baseball’s regular season. That’s right, we’ve got what’s called a “Grand Slam Weekly Contest.” 

As you might imagine, with a prize that great, it’s competitive. It’s not easy. How do you win? You have to select straight-up winners from 28 MLB games with a tiebreaker. That’s a lot of baseball games. But, if you’ve done your research, if you know baseball, then you have a very good chance at this thing. 

Better still, you can pick and choose your spots. Sure, it’s the end of July and the start of August. With the All-Star Game behind us (and the trade deadline soon to follow) we’re almost at the point where we’ll know  (for the most part) what rosters are going to look like in the second half. 

So, while the regular season is ending in a few months, it’s not ending yet. Moreover, there’s plenty of weeks to find the right one to bet on. So, if you don’t like this week or that week, you can pick a week when you know the most about the big winners. This is just one of the promotions that we offer. 

Multiple Ways to Bet Baseball 

Baseball betting has come a long way in a short number of years. Long gone are the days where you could only bet by talking to some guy at a bar and even then, you had to (most likely) bet on the point spread and so forth. That’s all in our rearview mirror. 

To that end, we’ve made it possible to bet on baseball in a variety of ways. For example, you can bet who’s going to win, of course. You can play the point spread, the odds, and more. That’s a very traditional form of betting and we want to be able to offer it at our site. 

However, we know that some folks like to compartmentalize things more. So, we also offer a way to bet on the first five innings. You heard it right, we’re taking it back to little league. Whichever team is ahead after five is the “winning” bet with this. Of course, if you’re like so many of our players, you’re doing this so that you have more chances to win in a game. Bet the five innings and then bet on one team or another to win. 

MLB 2022 Betting All Summer 

We’re offering many great ways to bet on baseball all summer (and fall, and a little bit of winter) long. That said, there’s plenty of more ways we can help than just helping people to bet on baseball. For example, we also have a “50% Welcome Bonus.” The idea behind this is simple: to thank folks for choosing us over all of the other sportsbooks out there. 

So, if you deposit a hundred bucks, you’ll have a total balance of $150 at our site. That way, you can really “get your feet wet” so to speak before determining if you’re going to stick with us long term. 

No matter what sport you’re betting on and when, we can help right here at BetNow.