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Missed Pro Football Betting This Thursday? There are More

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Pro Football Betting

As of this writing, the Fins are taking on the Jags in Jacksonville. There are a small number of fans let in the stadium. (We’re not sure whether to say “hope some of them get into the pool” or not.) Fitzmagic himself just threw for a touchdown. But, maybe you missed out on betting football game. By the time you read this, the game will long be over. But, Thursday Night Football won’t be. There will be games on Thursday nights all season for your pro football betting pleasure at BetNow. 

Pro Football Betting Every Thursday All Year 

On October 1st, next Thursday, you’ll have the Broncos heading into NY to play the Jets. Who’s going to be left standing on either team, unfortunately, is a question. Both have been wracked by injuries. Moreover, as we’ve seen from the 49ers, there are all kinds of injuries that can occur on that MetLife field. Hopefully, everyone’s OK for this one.

The truth is that, for one team or another, this is going to be another “last stand.” Whoever loses this game is probably out of their respective divisional race. Sure, they might both be already (and we’re sitting here with both teams at oh and two, and they’re in tough divisions with real contenders, so this may be moot). But, for one team, they might be reduced to playing out the string after this game. Tough one indeed. 

After that, on October 8th, Tom Brady returns to Thursday Night Football. Of course, he does it as a member of the Pewter Pirates themselves. He’ll be in Chicago, playing a game Bears squad. This could be a real “who’s a contender” game. The Bucs were a sexy preseason pick (for so many reasons). The Bears, not so much, but, if Mitch continues to build on his solid play, they have enough around him to maybe make some noise in an NFC North which looks like the Pack and everyone else. 

NFL Betting that Sets You Up for the Weekend 

The Thursday Night Football game on October 15th might be the Thursday Night Game of the year (at least until Thanksgiving). Here, you’ve got the defending World Champion Chiefs heading into Buffalo to play the Bills. Few teams have looked as good as the Bills have so far this season. They’ll get their best test yet in the Chiefs, even if the game is at home. While the winner of this will get quite a bit, it’s entirely possible that what they’ll really secure is a better spot for when these two teams meet again in a few months. 

Thursday Night Football sometimes showcases real rivalries. Rivalry games, of course, are unlike other games. Yes, teams are always giving their all, etc. But, a rivalry game is different. These are the games that will be played every year, and really, are the games that the fans look for the moment the schedules are released. There will be one such game on October 22nd, when the Giants head into Philadelphia. 

Yes, neither team has gotten the start that they would want. The Eagles still have plenty of time to turn it around, especially as it looks like no one is going to run off with the NFC East (although, the Cowboys probably have the most talent at this point). The Giants have lost Saquon for the season, and there’s no way to make up for losing that kind of talent. 

But in a Rivalry Game… 

… Anything can happen. On paper, this might not look like a great matchup. But, if the Giants are going to struggle this season, winning in Philadelphia could be just the thing that they want to carry with them. After all, depending on how things are going by this point, this could be the game that keeps Philly out of the postseason race, too. There’s always something going on on Thursday Night Football. As long as these games are being played, you’ll be able to bet online on them right here at BetNow!