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Midpoint of the Season: Never too Early for Super Bowl Online Betting

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Super Bowl Betting

Super Bowl online betting???” you might ask. “It’s too early for that! It’s early November. Who would be betting on the Super Bowl this early?” Well, the truth is that it’s rarely ever too early to bet on the Super Bowl. Sure, February is a few months away, but the NFL season is, for most teams, half over. So, the road to the playoffs may not be set, but it’s sure starting to take shape. If you’re like most people, you probably already have a pretty good idea in your head of who’s got a chance to go to Miami and win. 

Super Bowl Online Betting: the Favorites

At this point, most people have the Patriots as the favorites. That makes sense: they’re the defending champions, and if anything, their defense looks even better than it did a year ago. However, they sure didn’t look like champions when the Ravens ran over them the other week. Obviously, Baltimore’s a tough place to play, and the first time you see Lamar Jackson is different – the Pats will have a better game plan the next time around. However, do you believe that the Pats magic will extend for yet another year? 

If you’re still thinking of undefeated teams, the San Francisco 49ers are right there. Undefeated as of this writing, they look like a fully complete team. They’ve already won some tough games, looking impressive while doing so. That said, are you really ready to bet on a team that has yet to prove itself? Most people couldn’t even remember off of the top of their heads the last time the 49ers were in a playoff game. It’s entirely possible they fade over the second half, especially as their division looks tough. 

The Ravens have to be in this conversation after beating the Pats so soundly. Despite going into the season with apparent holes, the defense has been better than advertised. What has been as good as advertised is Jackson himself. The Ravens present a unique problem to every team that faces them. That said, they tend to play to the level of their competition: they beat the Pats, but struggled with the Steelers and other teams on the periphery. Are you ready to trust the young QBs to take over the NFL

The Rest of the Field 

As much as any other year, this year feels very wide open. While those teams are among the favorites, really, anyone could jump up and take it this year. The Packers seem to be back. It’s hard to every count Aaron Rodgers, as good a QB as has ever played the game. However, you also gotta ask if the rest of the team can support him. It’s been a minute since the Packers were actually a power in the playoffs. Do they have enough to make it happen again? 

The Carolina Panthers have, indeed, kept pounding even without Cam Newton. The coaching job in Carolina has been as good as the coaching job anywhere, it’s a real testament to the way that team has been built and the way they’re sticking together. However, there are plenty of questions about this team moving forward. Do you really like them to ride that rookie QB past the other monsters of the NFC? 

Seattle can be a tough team to figure out. One moment, they look like back to back champs, and the next they look like they’re going eight and eight at best. Russell Wilson is still dangerous back there, and he has more weapons than he’s had in a while. The defense has come back strong, too, so they do seem like one of those teams that could get hot late in the season and then power their way to the playoffs, as Eli’s Giants and Ben’s Super Bowl XL Steelers did way back when. 

Those are just some of the teams that have good records here at the halfway point. There are so many other teams (Buffalo!) that could get hot and do something extraordinary. That’s what makes the parity in the league really something: anyone can win. 

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