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March Madness Betting Tips: Before the Madness Rises

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
March Madness Betting Tips

When someone wins big in March Madness betting, it can seem like they’re a wizard. As if they’re in possession of some sort of magic spell that allowed them to see in the future, and through all of the muck that might have distracted them. However, there’s no real magic to it. Like so much else with sports betting, sure, there was some luck involved, but research and skill are always more trustworthy allies than luck. Below, we’ve collected some March Madness betting tips that can come in handy when the tournament finally arrives. 

March Madness Betting Tips: “What Have you Done for Me Lately?” 

That may seem like a harsh or even cold way to judge a college basketball team, but it’s important. The college basketball season is short. One of the best ways to judge how a team might do in March Madness is to see how they did down the stretch. Were they winning out? Did they go on a winning streak? Or, alternately, did they go on a losing streak? Did they go five hundred or worse? Could they have done better than they did? That can give you quite a bit of insight as to how they’ll do in an eventual tournament. 

By that same token, we’d caution you to not look too much at the conference tournament. There are teams that are going to put everything into the conference tournament. By that same token, there are going to be teams that really don’t seem too motivated by it at all. There’s a lot of reasons for that. For example, some schools, particularly bigger ones who may be playing for the top rankings, might not put everything into the conference tournament. They know they’re getting into the tournament, they know they’re getting a high seed, so they might go through the motions. That could lead to them getting upset. 

That said, the teams doing the upsetting  might not be the right pick for you, either. There are teams that come into the conference tournaments with a real desperation, knowing that a great performance here (if not an outright win) is the only way that they’re actually going to get into the tournament. So, they could play like it’s the game of their lives, vs. a team that really can’t match that motivation. These are all factors to keep in mind. 

Like Real Estate: “Location, Location, Location” 

Check who’s got the home court advantage in March Madness games. “But there’s no home courts in March Madness,” you might think, “they’re all neutral site games!” Yes, that’s technically true – technically. The truth is that geography really isn’t interested in what’s a “neutral site” and what isn’t. The committee that puts together the tournament knows to keep this in mind, too. 

So, when thinking about which team is going to have a bit of an advantage, think of how close their home fans will be to get to the stadium. A school that’s thousands of miles away from a neutral site is going to have less fans there than a school that’s only a hundred miles (or less). Yes, there are certain numbers of student tickets and the like, rich boosters who are absolutely going, but those alone can’t give a team a real home court advantage. Fans who come en mass to a nearby location absolutely can. You want to keep this in mind when you’re putting together your picks. 

That said, you don’t want to believe too much in this, particularly when it comes to small schools. For example, a small school that’s closer to a location that’s playing a bigger school from far away may still have fewer fans there. Why? Because they’re playing a big school. The big school is probably on TV more, more people have heard of them, and they just have more alums. This might not make the biggest differences in the first few rounds, but it certainly can later on. 

One Place to Bet March Madness

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