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Learning how to Wager in Online NFL Betting 2020

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Online NFL Betting 2020

When making bets in the NFL, you have various types of bets available. You have a lot of options from reliable point spreads, to the more unique types of bets, like “if” bets and teasers. The world of betting in the NFL caters to all these types of wagers. We will show you proper ways by breaking down each category, demonstrating how they work, and what is essential so you can make money right away. Learning how to wager in online NFL betting 2020 makes indulgence fun and exciting.

Online NFL Betting 2020: Buying Points

Nothing is free anymore. If need be, you can purchase items that are usually free, like air and water or dirt. Or you could buy yourself one of the most expensive assets in NFL betting: half a point. Risk management doesn’t get much easier.

Examples of the NFL’s betting lines are:

  • Cleveland Browns +3.5

  • Arizona Cardinals -3.5

It can be annoying if you are handling an NFL point spread that’s at or near three points. Perhaps you want to place a  wager on the Cardinals, but you are worried that they will only win by 1 field goal – and approximately one in six NFL games will end with that number of points. The good news is, you can get better odds by buying half a point and betting Arizona -3. That way, if the Cards do win by three, it will be considered as a push instead of a loss.

Also, you can buy a half point on the Browns and make them +4 if you wish. As long as you’re moving the point spread to a round number (i.e. not from -3 to -2.5, or +3 to +3.5), this can be done to any NFL team that involves a spread, as well as parlays and Round Robins.

Single Multi Single Bets

Single betting is the most basic method of betting in the NFL. That’s any bet on the result of a single game or event – in other words no parlays, no combinations, nothing tricky or complicated.

The single bet is the sure shot move on betting on the NFL, whatever your skill is at as a handicapper. If you want to start betting on the NFL online, keeping it simple and focusing on single bets is your best option. With that said, the best handicappers do most of their business using single bets. Any other unique bets involving additional risks must be managed.

How does an NFL single bet work?

Of all the single bets you can make, the most basic and best way is to bet on the NFL point spread. Also, you can bet on the total or the moneyline. In each case, you are facing a single game with a particular set of variables to deal with. You can study the two teams, the players on the team, the stadium where the contest is going to be held, and other variables.

These single bets are what make up your bankroll. Getting more right than wrong is the goal; unless otherwise stated, in a single bet you have to wager the amount of $11 to win $10, your success rate needs to be 52.4% so that profit will be gained. Again, keeping it simple will help make it easier for you to learn the basics in NFL betting.

What are multi Single Bets

Multi-single bets are essential since they allow you to manage your bet sizing more accurately. You can choose to enter a different wager amount for every straight bet you make. Or you could choose to for example bet $200 for a batch of 16 games.

In this case, you have to make one $200 multi single bet. Dividing and doing the math for the 16 games will be handled by the online sportsbook betting interface.

That’s not all. Rather than starting with your wager’s size, you can start with the size of your potential payout. For example you want to win $500 with a multi-single bet with eight games.


Mastering the single bet is the first step, now it’s to learn more. The parlay is a very popular way to bet on NFL games while increasing your potential payout. Not only are you betting on a single game’s result, you are now betting on a maximum of 12 outcomes.

Betting Two-Team Parlay

Let us begin with a simple, two-team parlay. We use “team” here although you can also bet on a total instead, for example:

  • Houston Texans -4

  • OVER 48

We are combining two bets: we’re taking the Texans -4 in their contest against the Philadelphia Eagles, and we’re taking over 48 in the same game. 2 single bets can be made at $11 instead, a profit of $20 is possible if both outcomes came true. But if we parlay the two wagers, our payout will go up at a particular rate – in this case, by 2.645. That’s a total of $58.19 if you put together both $11 bets made into a $22 parlay, or $36.19 in profit instead of just $20.

Round Robin

Ready for some advanced NFL betting strategy? You don’t need to be a math whiz on this one, or even be an expert in football. The only thing you will need to do is to be organized. We’re dealing with parlays here, and a unique way to play them is  the Round Robin.

Round Robins can be placed on as many as eight NFL betting lines at the same time, creating parlays consisting of two to six teams. The sportsbook’s betting interface will do all the hard work for you. This way you can manage risk better – it is even used with lottery numbers, and they still use luck to gain profit. Betting on the NFL takes skill and will be more efficient in the long run.

Online NFL Betting 2020: Teaser Bets

In NFL online betting, a teaser is when you take all the games you have in a parlay, and you adjust the point spreads (or totals) so that the possibility of the results will be more likely. You’re also decreasing your possible payout – that is what you must do to get your risk low.

There are three sizes of teaser bets in the NFL: six points, 6.5 points and seven points. The more points you tease by, the less payout you will have.

Teasers can be made to any parlay up to 10 teams in size. The ideal time when you can use them is when you can move the point spread so that it crosses one of football’s “magic numbers” like three or seven, because in the NFL the games are usually decided by field goals and touchdowns. In the above example, the Texans wouldn’t have covered if they had won by a single field goal, but they would have won through teaser bets. Is the smaller pay worth it? You be the judge of that.

The 2020 NFL season will start with the Kickoff Game on Thursday, September 10, 2020. Defending Super Bowl LIV champion Kansas City Chiefs will face the Houston Texans. Visit us at BetNow for further update on the NFL schedules and highlights. Call us at 1-844-823-8669.