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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
SuperBowl Betting Odds

With the SuperBowl just around the corner, how familiar are you with our superbowl betting odds? Do you know which team is the favorite to win it all and why? If not, then you’ve come to the right place. BetNow is the best place to browse the super bowl odds for your pick. We strive to help you make an intelligent pick, each and every time. We also provide the best tools and resources to help you stay on track. Without any further ado, let’s introduce the team with the best odds to win it all.

The Kansas City Chiefs Have Low Super Bowl Odds

This may come off as a shock, but the Kansas City Chiefs don’t have convincing SuperBowl odds. This isn’t a knock against them because they’ve been outstanding in past rounds. However, the Chiefs are up against a juggernaut in the SuperBowl 2020. Unlike the Texans and Titans, the Chiefs will have their work cut out for them when they face the San Francisco 49ers in a few days. It may not be a challenge they can overcome this time.

The San Francisco 49ers Have High Super Bowl Betting Odds

Without a question, the San Francisco 49ers are highly favored to win SuperBowl 2020. This is because the 49ers have defeated all of the tough competition in the postseason. They simply excel against all teams, good or bad. This will make it tough for the Chiefs to pose a real challenge. The 49ers didn’t allow the hype of the Packers to stand in the way of a SuperBowl berth. Instead, they dismantled the Packers and made bettors look stupid for even giving them an underdog chance. Much like that round, the 49ers are on a mission to win the SuperBowl and it’s looking increasingly unlikely that the Chiefs will stop them. 

The Case for the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Betting Odds

Now, it’s important not to count the Chiefs out. A few weeks ago, everyone counted the Chiefs against the Texans after they were trailing more than 21 points. Shockingly, the Chiefs pulled off an impressive victory, showing the world their tough mettle. The Chiefs also made headlines for beating the Tennessee Titans soundly. Bettors chose the Titans as an overwhelming favorite, yet the Chiefs overcame a massive point spread to reach the SuperBowl. We’ll see if they can replicate the same success against a much better team.

The Case for the 49ers’ Super Bowl Betting Odds

The San Francisco 49ers have shown their dominance throughout the postseason, but bettors didn’t give them the highest chances of reaching the SuperBowl. That was mainly because the Baltimore Ravens were still around, and their offense didn’t reach its peak yet. Now that the tables have turned, and the 49ers look like the favorites to win it all. Always known for their defensive prowess, the 49ers have now implemented a tough offense that blew the Packers away in the previous round. If the Chiefs’ defense can’t contain them, expect the 49ers to run straight to another SuperBowl victory.

Who is the Likely Winner of SuperBowl 2020?

According to our superbowl betting odds, the San Francisco 49ers have the best odds to win SuperBowl 2020. Their defense will prove to be too much for the Chiefs, who have gotten to the SuperBowl with the offense as their calling card. Defense traditionally wins championships, and it makes much better sense to select the favorite when they are an outstanding defensive team. The 49ers will make this game uninteresting if they stick to their game plan. However, they do possess the defensive chops to make the game a decisive victory if their offense isn’t working. 

Who is the X-Factor of SuperBowl 2020?

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs is the x-factor for SuperBowl 2020 based on our superbowl betting odds. In the SuperBowl, quarterbacks usually shine. If this is the case, Mahomes needs to step up and make this game close for the Chiefs. The Chiefs will only go as far as Mahomes can take them, so we’ll have to see if he can maneuver through the immense pressure the SuperBowl brings. 

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