LA Rams NFL Betting Preview

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
LA Rams NFL Betting Preview

LA Rams NFL Betting Preview: The Rams, not that long ago, were in the Super Bowl. They didn’t have the best showing for any number of reasons. But, plenty of folks are picking the Rams to go back to the Super Bowl. There are many reasons for this, but not the least of which is having a new quarterback. How do you see the Rams playing this year? They have a real chance to be the next team that plays the Super Bowl in their home stadium. You can always get into the best of NFL betting preview at our site. This is how we feel about the LA Rams. 

LA Rams NFL Betting Preview: What to Know about the Rams This Year 

With the Rams, as with many contenders, it starts with defense. Of course, the Rams have Aaron Donald, a true all time great. One of the best defensive players to ever take a snap in the NFL, he’s a first ballot hall of famer already. Of course, he’s still got years to go before he leaves his prime, so we expect another big year from the LA Rams front line. That said, there’s so much more to the Rams defense than just the front. The secondary, as you might have heard, has some great, all-pro talent in it as well. This defense could carry a team without a great offense. 

That said, they should have a pretty good offense, too. After wallowing for so many years in Detroit, Matthew Stafford finally gets an opportunity to play with a real contender and a real offense. He certainly has the ability to be The Guy, showing more than the flashes he had in Detroit. That said, losing Cam Akers is rough, as he looked like the running back that could make it all work. The running game here still can be good, but, unlike in the past, it doesn’t have to carry the entire offense anymore. 

NFL Wagering the Rams Schedule 

The NFC West is a tough division. Seattle and the Niners are true contenders not just for the division, but for the NFC. That said, no one would be all that surprised if Kyler Murray put it all together and the Cards became real contenders this year as well. So, the Rams have to play all of these teams twice a year in their division. That said, the Rams are going to be favorites in many of those games (and might just be the favorite in the division). 

The schedule starts with getting the Bears at home, a game where the Rams are going to be a touchdown favorite (at least). Then, the competition picks up considerably. From there, they have to go to Indianapolis. Yes, we may not have the most faith in their quarterback but the defense is very much real there. After that, they get a real barnburner where they host the champion Buccaneers. As of now, the Rams are a point favorite in that game, but that’s a game that could go either way. 

From there, the Rams are in the division in earnest: hosting Arizona and going to Seattle. Then, the Rams get the easiest part of their schedule: at the G-men, hosting Detroit, at Houston, and hosting the Titans. The second half of the Rams season features some truly rough road games: going to SF (never easy) then going to Green Bay and closing with going to Minnesota, Baltimore, and finally hosting San Francisco. 

The Rams are going to be favored in a strong majority of those games, barring injury, by the time they’re played. It’s entirely possible that the Rams are going to be favored in all of them, actually (although that’s unlikely). The truth is that, as we see it here in August, the Rams are one of those teams that could absolutely find themselves playing their way into January and even February. How do you see it going? You can do all the betting on football you want here at BetNow!