Internet NFL Betting: What’s the Best Situation for Andy Dalton?

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Internet NFL Betting

Of all the sports that aren’t being played right now, only the NFL feels right. The NFL offseason is occurring at this time. So it makes sense that the NFL isn’t happening (unlike all of the sports that have been stopped due to the COVID-19 outbreak). Obviously, social distancing is important, as is staying at home, staying safe, and so forth. That said, it’s natural to miss sports and internet NFL betting in general. At our site, you can find all different kinds of ways to still bet on sports. Whether it’s on Madden games, other eSports, international sports, horse racing, casino games, and more. Today, we ask you a question: what’s the best situation for Andy Dalton? 

Internet NFL Betting: Jacksonville 

The Red Rifle has (almost assuredly) played his last game for the Bengals. He’s one of those interesting quarterbacks: maybe not good enough to win a championship, but plenty good when he was surrounded with a good team. So, what team would best be served by going out to get him? The Bengals probably aren’t asking for too much, but the team that gets him will have to eat some cap space. Enough to the point where you’d like to have him as a starter, rather than as an expensive insurance policy/mentor. 

Jacksonville is an interesting situation. Minshew will now have a real chance to lead the offense, having spent an entire off season going in as the starter. If they feel antsy about him, Dalton could bring the kind of experience that could push the young man, in a way that, say, Winston might not be able to. In a pinch, Dalton could step in and give the Jags a chance to win. 

New England 

With TB in TB officially happening, the question of “who will be the quarterback for the New England Patriots” is a bit louder than it might have been previously. It’s hard to imagine Dalton starting for the Pats. But frankly, it’s hard to imagine anyone starting for the Pats that isn’t Brady. Sure, they’re likely to draft someone high this year, but no matter what this off season is, odds are it’s going to be strange, and different than previous ones. It’s hard enough to get a quarterback up to speed to start the first game in a regular off season, much less one that’s going to be impacted by the pandemic somehow. 

That said, Dalton could give the Pats a few games to get their feet under them, if not an entire season. Dalton, by himself, probably isn’t going to lose many games. The Pats defense is still very good. It won’t be the same without the threat of Brady to come off the bench, but it’s still one of the league’s best. Dalton can hand the ball off, not take big risks, the defense can play stingy, and give the Pats a strong chance towards the beginning of the season. 

Los Angeles Chargers 

Philip Rivers is gone and it’s hard to feel too confident about Tyrod Taylor. (The response to that very well could be “it’s hard to feel confident about Andy Dalton,” which, touche). That said, the Chargers have plenty of pieces on offense and defense. Again, as a lesser version of New England, this could be a place where a player could step in, not get in the way, be a game manager, and keep them in some games. 

Other than the defending Super Bowl champions, the AFC West doesn’t look dominant. A Chargers team, with Dalton playing some real game manager football, could have a great chance to compete with Denver and Oakland/Las Vegas for second place. Maybe sneaking into the Wild Card. 

All the Internet NFL Betting and More 

Just thinking about where Andy Dalton is going to go is one of those nice things to think about. It’s a sign that, one way or the other, the NFL will be back. The NFL Draft is closer than you think. Really, it’ll be here in a few weeks. Sure, it won’t be like it was, with the big celebrations, but it’ll be fun all the same. You can bet on the Draft as well as everything else NFL-related at our site.