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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
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Trust. It’s important in sports. In a way, it’s what makes the stars the stars. The best players are the ones who are trusted by their coaches and teammates to make the plays when they have to. Whether it’s at critical junctures throughout the game, at the last second, or any other time, the stars are the players who have earned the trust of the staff, one way or the other. As an internet betting site, we understand how important trust is. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure that our bettors trust us. 

Internet Betting With Options You Can Trust

An online sportsbook is judged by its options. That may not sound fair, but it’s true. If there’s nothing to bet on, then you don’t really have a sports betting site. The internet has made it possible for anyone to bet on practically any sporting event at any time. If one site doesn’t offer the games, then another sport will. It’s important to have a site with the most games. 

That’s a challenge any year, but particularly so in 2020. After all, this is unlike any other year ever. So many games have been canceled, moved, or anything else. That makes it much, much harder to offer folks the games that they want. To be clear, it’s hard to offer people the games they want if the games they want aren’t being played. That’s where we come in. 

Throughout the pandemic, we offered players options. Sure, we couldn’t give them the NBA and NHL playoffs. Nor could we give them the beginning of baseball. But, between simulated and real events throughout the world, we were able to offer sports to bet on. 

Now, hopefully, as a society and a world, we’ve turned the corner. Hopefully, more sports can open up, so that players, coaches, and everyone involved can stay safe. As long as there are sports being offered, BetNow will make sure that you can bet on them. 

An Online Sportsbook that Puts You in Control 

“Trust” from an online sportsbook manifests itself in many ways. Yes, you have to trust that they’ll have the games that you want. Additionally, however, you have to trust that they’ll do right by your money, too. After all, this is your money. You have to trust that any sportsbook will be careful stewards of it: making sure that the games are honest, and that you can do with your money what you want. 

Unfortunately, not every online sportsbook passes this test. There are some who say that they do, yet, when you want to take your money back, they don’t let you. They put arbitrary distinctions around when and where you can put your money out of their site. There’s nothing right about that. There’s nothing honest or trustworthy about it. 

We understand that when you put money on a bet on our sports betting platform, that’s a tremendous responsibility. It’s one that we endeavor to live up to. You have so many choices about where online that you could spend your money. We want to make sure that when you bet, you have the best possible chance to win, and that you can take your money out when you want. 

So, when you want to take your money out of our site, you can. When you win, you can do that. You can even bet with Bitcoin if you like. We see it as one more way to improve your experience. 

Internet Betting: BetNow, Bet Tomorrow, Bet Forever 

Our site is built for you to bet now, yes. You can bet on all of the sports today. However, you can also bet tomorrow and the day after, too. Our online betting site is called “BetNow,” but we could’ve just as easily called it “Bet Forever,” “Bet Continually,” and so forth. You can keep betting on our site and keep winning as long as there are sports.