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How to Place Wagers on the Best All-Star NBA Betting Sites

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NBA Betting Sites

As you have heard many times, betting is an exciting endeavor. It tests your analyzing and prediction skills. You may even get a massive payout from the wagers you placed. But still, keep in mind the need to be careful while at it since it is addictive. Moreover, NBA betting is not for the faint-hearted, and it is not fools play. You can lose a lot of money due to the same. When it comes to basketball, betting can be very tricky, and you need to know your players. With the all-star NBA, you can be sure that the wager will be a rare one. This is because such an event only happens once a year. So how can you prepare to place your wagers on the best All-Star NBA betting sites? Below are some things you need to know.

What You Need to Know About NBA All-Star Games

All-Star NBA games are matches hosted by the NBA every February. They exhibit 24 of the best players in the league. It is a three-day event that goes down from Friday to Sunday, featuring the Eastern and Western conferences. 

Each line-up depends on the voting, which determines the lead vote-getters. They are then named as the captains of each team. Instead of retaining the names “Eastern and Western Conferences,” the teams take on the name of the captains. The voting of fans also determines the position of the leading players. Head coaches pick reserves, seven by each. The captains then choose their reserve players from either side, totaling to 12  players on each side. Head coaches should not make consecutive appearances in the all-star games. They should also not choose reserves from their teams.

To add to the fun of the game, the captains name a charity they will be playing for. After, the charity of the winning team gets 100,000$. 

Betting on the Best All-Star NBA Betting Sites

Considering this is a huge event, sports betting sites will have a more serious take on the game than in others. A few other additions come on the table, such as betting on who may be the most valued player. Prop bets are also something you should be on the lookout for. However, this may be the hardest game to bet on. Every player chosen will be trying to look their best for self-advertisement. Due to the positions of the players being altered, it is vital to know the potential of whatever team you choose. It would help if you knew the players at a deeper level. Since they are all struggling to shine, the final scores will be higher than in regular games.

Among the bets you should look to be placed on the best all-star NBA betting sites include:

The point spread wagers: This involves having a favorite and the underdog. If you think the eastern team will beat the western by 10 points, the eastern squad needs to win by 10 points or more. Anything below this means you lose. An exact win by 10 makes a bet a push, and you are refunded.

Over/Under: In basketball, these bets involve the totals. Therefore you will be dealing with the scores of both teams combined. As the name suggests, choosing over requires to be higher than the sum. Choosing under needs to be below the total points. Still, if you get the exact total, the bet is a push.

Moneylines: Here, you can choose who will be the winner without stating how many points. They use odds, unlike point spreads and over/under.

Proposition bets: Prop bets allow for choosing on specific aspects of players. This includes scorer of most points, three-pointers, assists, and rebounds. Alternative game totals are also on the plate. They allow for higher odds on the aggregates. You have an option of double results. You can choose on the winning team both halftime and fulltime. This is risky since you need to get both predictions correct.

Winning Margins: This deals with the winning margin of the team you choose. They range from 1-2 up to higher than 20-21. They are also a risky type of bet.

Tips on How to Win on the Best All-Star NBA Betting Sites

There are a few things to check in an all-star game to help you win your bets. Like any other basketball game, be on the watch for injuries. Likewise, some situations within the game may change. These include exhaustion, crowd support, how used to players are to the arena and matchups. It would be best if you were keen to note what may help and what might mess up your bet.  

Trends, in the case of an all-star game, may not be all helpful. This is because it is not your usual teams and the players’ usual position on the court. Do your homework on everyone on the line-up for this reason. Make great use of prop bets, including in-play bets. They have the best chances of changing while the game continues. Finally, explore a variety of online betting sites to make sure you get the best odds. Some have offers that will favor you if you win, and hence, weighing your options is 


Here is a list of some of the best all-star NBA betting sites:


  • betway
  • 888sport
  • bet365
  • Spin sports
  • Sports Interaction


They all offer favorable bonuses for signup and winning, and a variety of betting options, including in-play bets.

As you bet on all-star NBA games, always remember to gamble responsibly. Follow the advice you get to help you win. And most importantly, have fun while at it.