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How to Bet on the Superbowl 2020

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on the Superbowl 2020

After the scintillating, edge of your seat action, the biggest sporting event of the football season is here. The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers in an adrenaline-infused final for the Superbowl 54. On Sunday, February 2nd, all roads lead to Miami Gardens, Florida, at The Hard Rock Stadium. The most anticipated match-up is here and what better way to get in on the action than betting on your Super Bowl teams. Here are some pointers as you bet on the Superbowl 2020.

Bet on the Superbowl 2020: The Kansas City Chiefs Form

The AFC champions are making their 2nd Superbowl appearance in fifty years, having last played in 1969. The team boasts of the top-ranked scoring offense in the league. They are top-ranked in total offense and are 3rd in the league at passing attack. This can all be attributed to their acquisition of their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He is the reigning MVP of the season. He is en route to getting the same honors for the post-season if he keeps it up (46 out of 70 completed passes, for 615 yards and 8 touchdowns and 106 rushing yards on 15 attempts). 

After delivering one of the most astounding breakthrough seasons in football history (50 touchdowns, 5.097 to just 12 interceptions, and a 113.8 passer rating), it is clear why chiefs are highly rated. However, this is not the only reason why the chiefs are highly rated. They scored 88 points in two playoff games while coming from behind to overcome double-digit deficits in both games. This shows their spirit and why they are the favorites to win the Superbowl 

The San Francisco 49ers form  

The NFC champions are not pulling any punches as they have ruthless dominance to book their place in the finals. This is as a result of their borderline impenetrable defense. Utilizing a powerful running game and shutdown defense, they have shown just how dangerous they can be. As evident in their game against the green bay packers, 4 of the 6 possessions ended in punts. The two remaining ones ended up in turnovers that led to quick touchdowns by the 49ers. The packers had their quarterback Aaron Rodgers sacked thrice and intercepted twice. Raheem Mostert  relentlessly hammered the packers; running rounds around the green bay offense with 29 carries 220 yards and four touchdowns. This elevated their ground game that ended with 285 yards in total 

How to bet on the superbowl 2020 using point spread  

This will be an exciting match up as with both teams going all out for the title even with their different styles of play. This raises the question as to how to win while betting on the final game. It will be exciting to see how the 49ers handle the number one ranked offense. The 49ers will also look to run riot around the Chief’s defense which can be termed as on and off at best, having shown poorly against other teams before coming out very strongly to rein in the Tennessee Titans in their last encounter.   

A point spread wager on either team would be advisable as both are good offensively with the Chiefs being better. However, the 49ers make up for it by having stellar defense. Thus, point spread wagers will allow a significant probability of winnings without an outright declaration on who wins the game. Keep in mind that an online bet will win if the team in question wins or loses by the point margin selected. 

How to bet on using total points  

With both teams showing that they can be proficient at scoring as the bolster offensive prowess in their lineups. Placing a wager is just a matter of predicting the total points scored by both teams combined. In the case of Over/Under 53.5, you will need a minimum of 54 points for an over bet to payout .in the case for under, a maximum of 53 points should be the total for the wager to payout. This will come in handy as you bet on the Superbowl 2020.

How to bet using halftime bets  

This allows for a wager to be placed as a reflection of the team’s outcome at halftime. Also viable given the past few games are the halftime bets. The Kansas City Chiefs have had to come from behind to win their games. In contrast, the 49ers are strong from the start and tend to win games right off the bat. This is with their excellent defense helping them maintain that form throughout their campaign.   

How to bet using in-play betting  

This involves placing of wagers in the real-time. It is available and allows for betting on every play. The catalogs are updated continuously, and Super Bowl spreads and totals usually are adjusted throughout the game. This allows for maximum winnings on perceived wagers placed. This gives freedom to allow anyone to bet on the superbowl 2020 finals, on whatever play they want.