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How to Bet on SuperBowl Final

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on Super Bowl Final

With the finalists already having punched their tickets, all eyes are now on Miami Gardens, Florida, at Hard Rock Stadium. The biggest sporting event of the football season will come to a climactic close. The Kansas City Chiefs taking on the San Francisco 49ers to headline the Super Bowl 54. This will be played on Sunday, Feb.2.2020. Kick-off time at 6:30 p.m. E.T and the perfect time to bet on superbowl

The Chiefs Position When You Bet on Super Bowl Finals

Kansas City Chiefs are the AFC champions having shown sheer intent throughout and coming from behind to ensure an all-important win against the Tennessee Titans to book their place in the final. The Chiefs are out to chase after their first Super Bowl since 1969. This is the end to their 50-year drought without a Super Bowl appearance. Their previous crushing win over Houston also serves as a statement to just how good their offense is.   

With the regular season done, the Chiefs have held onto the number 1 position in the west. This as a result of their top-ranked scoring offense, their top-ranked total offense and their 3rd ranked passing offense. All this can be attributed to their acquisition and efficient utilization of Patrick Mahomes, their developing Quarterback. Mahomes has produced one of the most astounding breakout seasons the NFL has ever seen. He seems to become even better with more experience under his wings (50 TD’s, 5.097 passing to just12 interceptions,113.8 passer rating ).

This, in turn, means that over time, the Chiefs will be deadlier offensively than they are this season. They are set to take the stage in the AFC with Tom Brady aging and Mahomes gaining even more experience. This will ensure longevity. The Chiefs will surely be a Super Bowl betting favorite contender over the coming years in the AFC division.

What are the NFC Champions Promising While You Bet on Superbowl?

The San Francisco 49ers, on the other hand, are the reigning NFC champions having booked their place in the finals by playing brilliant defense. They trounced the Green Bay Packers by 17 points, thus beating them for the second time this season. They have earlier trounced them 37-9 in their first meeting. 

This last win will primarily be remembered for being “The Raheem Mostert Game “as the running back had a performance of a lifetime this past Sunday against the Packers as he had 29 carries for 220 yards and four touchdowns in their 37-20 win. This made him the 3rd player to ever rush for at least four goals. He is also the 8th player to ever rush for 200 yards in a playoff game. His 220 yards take him 2nd in history and are the most by any player in a single player in franchise history. This makes him the first player in history to do both. 

Their Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had a great showing throwing eight passes as the niners also sacked Aaron Rodgers thrice. This ensured he had limited passing as their top-tier defense once again prevailed and managed to carry the day  

How to Maximize on Point Spread Wager as You Bet on Superbowl

This will be an exciting match up as with both teams going all out for the title even with their different styles of play. This raises the question as to how to win while betting on the final game. It will be exciting to see how the 49ers handle the number ranked offense. The 49ers will also look to run riot around the Chief’s defense. It can be termed as on and off at best, having shown poorly against other teams before coming out very strongly to rein in the Tennessee Titans in their last encounter.  

A point spread wager on either team would be advisable as both are good offensively with the Chiefs being better. However, the 49ers make up for it by having stellar defense. Thus, point spread wagers will allow a significant probability of winnings without an outright declaration on who wins the game. Keep in mind that a bet will win if the team in question wins or loses by the point margin selected.

Halftime and in-play Bets as You Bet on Superbowl 

Halftime bets on superbowl are also very viable given that over the past few games. The Kansas City Chiefs have had to come from behind to win their games. In contrast, the 49ers are strong from the start and tend to win games right off the bat with their excellent defense helping them maintain that form throughout their campaign.  

In-play bets will also allow for placing of wagers in real-time or play by play for games that are in progress. Spreads and totals usually are adjusted throughout the game, allowing for maximum winnings on perceived wagers placed. As both teams battle it out for the trophy play by play, betting will allow for wagers in the real-time, thus maximizing chances of winning.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransisco 49ers are both heavy contenders for the win on the upcoming superbowl. This will be a great game to watch, but a hard one to decide on who to win at the end of it.