How to Bet on Golf at Betnow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
How to Bet on Golf at Betnow

If there’s a sport that people are interested in, you can probably bet on it at our site. That may sound boastful, exaggerated or even possible, but it’s true. If you go to our site, you’ll find that you can bet on eSports, you can bet on horse racing, and you can even bet on politics (obviously not a sport, but feels that way sometimes). There are plenty of sports that you can bet on at our site that may not seem like the kind of thing you can bet on. This blog goes over some pointers to keep in mind about how to bet on golf. 

How to Bet on Golf at Betnow: the Basics

Golf isn’t the kind of sport that seems like you could bet on, but you can. The sport of golf provides all kinds of opportunities to bet. There are golf tournaments all throughout the year, in a variety of different tours. The PGA Tour is the biggest golf tour in the world. It has the best players, as well as the four majors. If you watch a golf event on television, it’s probably a PGA Tour event. 

The PGA Tour has the four major tournaments. These are the tournaments that everyone knows, the ones that winning defines careers. After all, we think of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and some of the other modern greats in terms of how many major tournaments that they’ve won. You can bet on these tournaments on our site, but you can also bet on all of the smaller ones, too. 

That means that you, the bettor, have more opportunities to win in golf than ever before. You can bet on the Masters, the British Open, U.S. Open, and the Players’ Championship. However, you can bet on so much more than that at our site, too. All of the week in, week out tournaments, that go all across the country and the world, if there’s a PGA Tour event, you can bet on it here. 

Golf Betting Lines

Whenever one of these tournaments comes up, you can go to our site and find the odds for each golfer at our site. The odds let you know who the favorites are, who the underdogs are, and how much you’ll win should the golfer win the tournament. Remember, these tournaments are four days long. There are four rounds, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes, if there’s some kind of weather or other issue, the tournaments can even go over to Monday. Doing your research, as ever, pays off. 

The lower the number, the more likely they are to win the tournament. At the end of the day, that’s how the odds for golf work. So, say that the Masters is right around the corner. One player has odds of +900, while another has odds of +2400. The player at +900 is considered more likely to win than the other. This has strong implications for how you should bet on the golf tournament, too. 

The odds are easiest to explain by using examples of betting in increments of $100. If you bet on $100 on the player who has odds of +900, you’ll win $900 extra dollars should they win the tournament. That’s a very nice payday, and certainly worth your $100 investment. However, if you bet $100 on the other player, the player at +2400, and they win the tournament, then you’ll win an extra $2400. That’s obviously much more money. However, that’s also considered to be far less likely by the handicappers. As with all other sports, research goes a long way. 

How to Bet on Matchups in Golf

If you go to our site, you may sometimes find two golfers who are compared to each other. You could find that they have point spreads, money lines, and more. Should you bet on this, you’re betting on one player against another. The player that has a minus next to their name is the player that’s favored to win the matchup. So, a typical line in golf is something like -1.5. That means that the one player is favored by 1.5 strokes over another. If you bet on this player, then you’re betting that they’ll beat the other’s score by more than 1.5 strokes. 

However, if you bet on the other player, you’re given an extra 1.5 strokes. That means that if they finish one stroke worse than the other player, you’ll win. These are just some of the ways that you can make real money betting on golf at our site. Golf betting fits perfectly into the portfolio and schedule of the bettor who already bets on other sports, or you could focus entirely on golf. At BetNow, the choice is yours.