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How College Football Odds Work for Our Bettors

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Football Odds

Most people we’ve found understand how the betting lines work, but they aren’t as sure about college football odds. The idea of someone winning by seven points or so makes sense when they’re getting five points, whereas the odds use strange numbers and the like. We mention them on our site, like so many other things, for a simple reason: so that you can get as many opportunities to make money as possible. Between odds, the line, and more, you can get a bet down on as much as possible. 

College Football Odds Explained

Once you get the hang of it, the idea of odds is actually pretty simple. Let’s use a simple, recent example: Stanford Cardinal at Oregon State Beavers. The “vig” here says “Stanford – 160” and Oregon State +140. You might be sitting there thinking: “how does any of this work?” Well, it can tell you which team is favored. Additionally, it can let you know what you have to bet to make as much money as possible. 

Take the -160 from Stanford. That means, simply put, you would have to bet $160 on Stanford to win to make $100. This shows Stanford is the favorite in this game. They’re the team that most of the handicappers (and bettors) clearly think is going to win, so you have to bet more to make more money. Of course, if you’re that sure that Stanford is going to win, this can still be a great bet for you. As ever, you have to listen to your own intuition, research, and instinct. 

College Football Odds

Now, look at the $140 next to Oregon State. That means that if you bet $100 on Oregon State to win, and they win, then you’ll get an extra $140 on top of that. You’ll get $240 on a $100 bet should the Beavers win the game. Now, the reason why is because Oregon State is not favored in this game. They’re the underdog. Most people think that Stanford is a better team and has a better roster, so they’re picked to win even on the road. 

Betting Lines, Too 

Of course, we don’t just mention the odds on our site. We also have the betting lines as well. You could get the information that the favorite is Stanford in this game (and indeed, they’re a heavy favorite) from the betting lines, too. Stanford is, in this game, -16. That means that they’re “giving” 16 points to Oregon State, in Oregon State’s stadium no less. So, if you were to bet Stanford and give the points, you would only win if Stanford wins by more than sixteen points. Stanford has a great squad, but you would really have to believe in them (or not believe in Oregon State) to make this bet. 

Consequently, the same goes for Oregon State as well. They’re “getting” 14 points at home, which you can tell by seeing the +14. That means that, for them to “lose,” they would have to lose by more than 14. Using the general rule of thumb that you get three points for being at home, Stanford is a heavy favorite in this game, and Oregon State a significant underdog. But, underdogs win big games all of the time. 

Updated Odds 

Football odds, in the NFL or college, are essentially never static. The first odds posted are often not the odds that exist by kickoff. These odds change often, due to injuries, weather changes, roster moves, and so forth. When the odds change, we make sure that they’re updated. By keeping these odds updated constantly, we make sure that our players have the best information before they get a bet down. We know that you have so many choices when you bet online, so you deserve to have a site that keeps the odds updated thoroughly. 

We don’t just offer betting on odds and betting lines, either. You can also bet on the “Totals” as well. In these kinds of bet, you don’t have to pick one team to beat the other, you’re simply betting on the total score of the game. Going back to our example of Stanford at Oregon State game, the over/under on this game is 55 and a half points. So, if you think the offenses are really going to light it up, then you would bet the over. That would mean that both teams, combined, score more than 56 points. 

However, maybe you feel that the game is going to be a defensive struggle. Perhaps your research has led you to believe that, or maybe the weather isn’t going to be great in Oregon, which can inhibit the passing games. When you’re ready to start with college football or any other sports, head to our site.