Fresh Alternative to March Madness

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Alternative to March Madness

Some of you might recoil just from reading the title to this blog: “why do I want an alternative to March Madness??? It’s the biggest betting event of the year!” Sure, it’s up there and it’s fantastic. But, it’s also just one event. Yes, there are games every weekend in the days to come, and they’re an incredible opportunity to make a lot of money while having a blast. But, not everyone’s into college basketball (hard to believe, we know). That said, there are always plenty of great sports betting options at BetNow at every time of year. 

Alternative to March Madness: Football is Still Happening

If you were around for the original incarnation of the XFL, then you remember how that all ended. But, the new version sure looks a lot better. Actual guys with actual football ability actually playing some football — that’s a change. Of course, you can bet all of these games at our site. Instead of getting guys who were just driving trucks or something, they made a committed point to get guys that you may have heard of in college, and plenty of players with NFL training camp experience, if nothing else. 

Of course, as you know here at BetNow, we always have to give you more opportunities to bet on the games that you want. That’s true of the XFL as well as any other sport. So, you can bet on who’s going to be ahead at the end of the first half, and who plays better in the second half, as well as betting on the outcomes of the games, and so forth. The XFL has been around for a few weeks now, roughly a month as of this writing. 

Sure, that’s not enough time to figure out perhaps exactly how every team is going to play in each situation, but it is enough time to determine some kind of track record going forward. You can have a feel for these teams at this point. Obviously, they’ll still tend to surprise you, but they aren’t the same complete unknowns that they were right when the season started. If you’ve got a good feel for the XFL, you can make money at our site. 

Spring Training: Report for Money Making Opportunities 

If you talk to people who work in and around professional baseball, they’ll tell you the same thing about the scores of spring training games: “they don’t matter.” That’s true if you’re a player or manager on a spring training team (for the most part). In these games, it’s really about getting the players ready for the upcoming season. The position players are ready to go very early on in spring training. Why, then, does spring training last so long? Mostly, it’s so that the pitchers can get “stretched out.” 

That’s not to say that these games are meaningless for players, just that the scores are. There are plenty of players trying their hardest: rookies trying to catch on, free agents getting acclimated, aging players looking for a fresh start or a last chance – spring training is important. Now, the scores can be important, too. 

At our site, you can bet on spring training games. If you’ve been waiting since the Nats were crowned to bet on baseball, you don’t have to wait any longer. These games are fun to bet because it can be so difficult to predict, and a bit of info can help. For example, rarely do starting pitchers or star players play for long in these games. But, perhaps through your research, you’ve found that a particular manager has a tendency to do so, or has flat out said they would in an upcoming game. You could make a lot of money before Opening Day. 

… and March Madness, Of Course 

These are all just alternative to march madness. That’s still one of the biggest online betting events going. Really, we just began to touch on some of the alternatives to the men’s tournament. There’s NBA action from now well into summer, when the playoffs reach fever tilt. The same goes for the NHL as well, which is just starting to ramp up for the playoff push. 

You’ll be able to find all of the games for these and more at BetNow. That means that you’ll be able to bet the biggest games (as well as the games that are big to you) in any way that you want. We always make it possible to bet on the outcomes, yes, but we usually make it so that you can bet on what happens during the games, too. The games you want to bet on how you want to bet on them: that’s what you’ll find at our site. Good luck to you in basketball, football, hockey, baseball or anything else!