Football Game Betting This Weekend and All Year Long

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Football Game Betting

Football game betting. There’s nothing like it. Rooting for a team is one thing, betting on them is something else. A true fan lives and dies with their team. An unbelievable fan lives and dies and bets on their team. At our sports betting site, we have the kinds of bettors who would never ever, not in a million years or for millions of dollars, bet against their team. By that same token, we have plenty of folks who love their team to death but will bet on whoever they think is going to win the game. At our site, you can bet on what you believe, during this weekend and all year long. 

Football Game Betting: Thursday Night Football 

Heading to Jacksonville this week. We don’t have to tell you about football betting on home teams on Thursday Night Football. During the short week, anything can happen. However, for the most part, “anything” consists of “the home team winning the game.” Sure, the home team doesn’t always win, and for the most part, the home team is always favored. (if nothing else, the home team tends to get three points just for being at home). 

But, that’s an old rule of thumb that basically exists from the days when, you know, home teams played in front of tens of thousands of fans screaming for that team (and more specifically, screaming when the other team was trying to call their plays). So, it stands to reason that the same logic might not hold true during our COVID-19 time. That means that maybe, the home team isn’t always going to be a favorite on Thursday Night Football.

This is said in the context of this coming week’s matchup: Miami at Jacksonville. Maybe you believe that the Jags are going to cover the three points going away. However, you might also be someone who believes that the Fins are just as good (if not a bit better). Then, on the road doesn’t mean the same thing it used to, since there won’t be all Jags fans there in the audience. 

Week 3 Looms

When it comes to Week 3 of this coming NFL week, what can you talk about except the first game: the Raiders in New England? What shows it’s 2020 NFL more: the empty seats, Brady not in New England, or referring to the Raiders as “Las Vegas?” Well, they’re all true right now, and they will be for this game. 

Sure, it’s the first game that the Raiders played in Vegas, but they sure looked impressive in beating the Saints. The Saints are as good a team as any in the NFL, and they always have to be considered a contender (after all, look what they did to Tom Brady’s new team in Week One). That said, the Raiders won by quite a few points and it might have been even more in that game. 

What, then, do we think of the Cam Patriots? They lost in Seattle, yes, but the Seahawks had to put out a lot of Russell Wilson magic to make that happen. Cam and his Pats gave the Hawks everything they could handle before finally losing the game. Even then, it took a rather miraculous last minute goal line stand for the Hawks to win. 

Football Game Betting at BetNow

There are games you look back on at the end of a season that really went a long way towards telling the story of how a season is going to go. This game, between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Pats, might be such a game. We could look back on this game and say: “that’s where we really knew that the Raiders were contenders”. Consequently, we might also look back on it and say: “that’s where we found out the Raiders weren’t as good as we thought and Cam got the Pats back on track to stay.” 

No matter where the NFL season goes and why. You’ll be able to bet on NFL games and so much more at BetNow. Good luck to you throughout the season!