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Football Betting Come What May

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Football internet Betting

When circumstances change, the football lines should, too. That’s been true in football since time immemorial. In the long distant past, if a player went out carousing the night before, causing him to be unable to play, then the line could move (granted, it usually had to be updated by the telegraph or something, but it could happen). Consequently, should a player be injured in the warmup and unable to go, then the line would switch. That’s true when it comes to COVID-19, too. Football internet betting is always going on at BetNow. 

Football Internet Betting Thanksgiving 

As of this writing, the Baltimore Ravens are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thanksgiving night. It’s going to be a great game. The first ever Thanksgiving game in Pittsburgh is going to be a momentous affair. We hope that by the time you’re reading this, the game is still going on. Unfortunately, there’s a chance it does not. Seemingly every couple of hours, another Ravens player is put on the COVID-19 list. Hopefully, they’re all OK. 

In terms of just this game itself, it is a problem for the Ravens. As of this writing, they’ve lost their top two running backs for this game, Mark Ingram and J. K. Dobbins. Now, their third running back, Gus Edwards, is no slouch. Indeed, he scored a hard-nosed touchdown against the Steelers the last time these teams played in Baltimore. And, of course, their best runner is almost assuredly, the man under center himself, Lamar Jackson. 

But, the Ravens have also lost a starting defensive lineman, too. There’s some question as to whether Calais Campbell will be ready to go (and if he does, what shape he’ll be in). The Ravens have, in just the last so many weeks, really suffered a spate of injuries. They can still beat Pittsburgh. This is a true rivalry game. You really do “throw the records out the window” and every other cliche that you can think of. But, since the last time we spoke to you in these blogs, the line has moved to Pittsburgh by 5.5. As with everything else, that’s subject to change. 

Big NFL Games This Weekend

Really, the biggest game in terms of one division championship or another might actually be earlier on Thanksgiving. While the Steelers have a three game lead on the Browns, the battle (or “battle”) for the NFC East is neck and neck. Whoever wins the game between the Football Team and the Cowboys is going to be in the driver’s seat. As of now, the Cowboys are favored by three at home. Who do you got? Does Alex Smith pull it out? Or does Andy Dalton lead his team to victory? 

The biggest game of the weekend might actually be in the AFC South, as the Titans head to Indy to play the Colts. When we last saw these teams play each other, the Colts really put one on the Titans. The Colts used their special teams as well as a total team effort to beat the Titans on Thursday night. However, things have changed since then. As rough as they looked against the Colts is as good as they looked against the Ravens (in Baltimore) on Sunday. The Titans could very well win on the road and get right back into the AFC South catbird seat. 

The other best game of the weekend is actually cross conference, a very real possibility of what the Super Bowl could be. The Chiefs head to Tampa to play Brady and the Bucs. The thing about the Bucs not being great against playoff teams has been going on for too long now to dismiss, and it’s hard to say that the Chiefs aren’t the best team in the league (despite Pittsburgh’s record). No matter who you got, you can bet on football at BetNow.