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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Finest Online Sportsbook

We want BetNow to be your finest online sportsbook. You’ll note that we didn’t say we wanted it to be your “sportsbook for basketball,” or where you’ll go to “bet on MLB,” or something limiting like that. No, we want to be the sportsbook that you use for everything. From NBA, NHL, MLB, and the other sports going on now, to the NFL when it returns, as well as college basketball, football, and more — when there’s a sport going on that you can bet on, we want to be where you go to bet on it. We do a lot to make that happen. 

Finest Online Sportsbook that Works in Many Ways 

Say you want to bet on the NBA. You were psyched for the season as it went on, living and dying, metaphorically, with every game. Then, the pandemic hit, and suddenly you couldn’t watch the games anymore. Now that the bubble is going strong and it looks like the NBA is going to make it, you can bet on all of these games at our site. Of course, what’s more important is that you can bet them how you want. 

For example, you can bet on who’s going to win. That’s the bet that people have been making since the beginning of sports. You can pick a team to win and go from there. Of course, we have many ways of allowing you to make that bet. The point spread, the odds, the money line, and more: if you know who’s going to win, or have a good feeling about it, you can make some real money betting on that at our site. 

Bet Throughout the Game 

Most bets have typically been “who’s going to win at the end of the game.” If you were playing the game, that would be the one “win” you could have. Of course, you aren’t playing the game, you’re betting on it. We believe that you should have as many chances to win as possible. We constructed BetNow to do exactly that. 

So, instead of just betting on who’s going to be ahead at the end of the game, you can bet on who’s going to be ahead at the end of the first quarter. You can also bet on who’s going to be winning at the end of the third, who’s up at the half, and so forth. That gives you three additional chances to win throughout the game. Instead of just having one chance, you can have that many more. 

We’ve found that this also helps those who really do their research into the games. For example, maybe you know that one team really comes out of the gate strong. Or, alternatively, you know that there’s one other team that makes fantastic halftime adjustments, but they can start a bit sluggish and slow. If you were just betting on the game’s final outcome, these might not help you all that much. 

However, when you’re betting on these games throughout the game, this all means so much more. Now, you can be rewarded, making real money for each of those picks. You can win at the end of the first quarter, you can win at the end of the first half, and you can even win at the end of the third quarter, too. You can win all throughout the game, culminating in the big win at the end. 

Finest Online Sportsbook: 1st Half Team Totals and More 

Maybe you aren’t the biggest hardcore NBA bettor, but there is one team or player you love. At our site, we want BetNow to be a place where all feel comfortable betting. That’s why you can bet on things like whether one team or another will break the “over/under” of a set number of points in the first half. That’s the kind of bet that everyone can get behind. 

You can find plenty of such bets at our sports betting site. We wanted to make a site that the most intrepid gamblers could use continuously, as well as those who just wanted to bet on a game here and there could make work for them. To see everything that BetNow has to offer, head to our site.