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College Football Lines: Graduating to the Big Leagues

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Football Lines- Graduating to the Big Leagues

Betting on college football isn’t the same as betting on the NFL. The games are different, the players are different, and there’s a bit more of a “you don’t know what you’re going to get week to week” quality than the NFL has. Sure, there are upsets at any level of the game, but in college football, the players are still, well, in college. Anything can happen. That can make it challenging and exciting. At Betnow, we’ve got plenty of college football lines for you to bet on, week after week. Additionally, we offer plenty of ways to bet on the games you want.

The Biggest Games

There’s nothing like a Saturday afternoon just watching college football. You’ve gotten through the work week, and (depending on when you get up) there might be games on all day. College football truly makes Saturdays in the fall Saturday. The NFL, great as it is, falls on a Sunday, and each game has a bit of the “this is the end of the weekend” feel to it. So many of our players bet on a slew of college football games, and then flip from game to game watching them throughout the day.

That’s why we always have lines available for the biggest college football games. The biggest conferences, the fiercest rivalries, all of the ranked teams – you can find those lines at our site. We don’t give you any “weird” lines or anything like that to bring in more players. We make sure that you get the accepted, official line on the game, so that you can make the best betting decision for your needs.

Moreover, we understand that there are plenty of teams that could be ranked with a game or two that breaks their way, so we make sure that they’re represented, too. So, you’ll get games for all of the teams that are in power conferences, in addition to the teams that are ranked in the top 25, you’ll get all of the so-called “Power Conference” teams. On top of that, you’ll get teams that have national reps but may not be in one of those of the BCS conferences, like a Central Florida and something like that. However, all of that selection is just the beginning of what we offer.

College Football Lines

College Football Lines for College Football Games

Not everyone went to a power conference school. Sure, there are people all over the country who went to The Ohio State University, Texas, Penn State, Florida State, USC, that kind of place – but there are many others that didn’t. They want to bet on their games just as much as anyone else. That’s why we believe they should be able to. When you go to our site, you’ll have the option of betting online on plenty of mid-major games as well.

That means the MAC, Conference USA, and plenty of other schools that mean the world to their fans and alums. Yes, these teams don’t play on major networks every Saturday, but they’re still excellent opportunities for our players to make money. In fact, some of these games make for even better opportunities. There aren’t as many people betting on or watching these games, so a bit of research might go further, and give you a better opportunity to make money than some games on the biggest teams do. We can’t tell you how many people have told us they’ve made big money betting on these games, because they were unable to find them anywhere else.

College Football Lines and More

On top of that, we also have plenty of games with schools that you might not have heard of, as well. Robert Morris, St. Francis (PA) and more – if there’s a college football game going on, then you should have the opportunity to bet on it. We want to give you more than just the opportunity to bet on the winner and loser as well. That’s why, for so many of our games, we have the “quarters” and “halves” options as well. These are more opportunities to win with college football. So many of our players bet on the quarters and halves as well as the games, that way they maximize their opportunities to make money.

College football has so many traditions that no other sport has. One very special award it has is the Heisman Trophy. We know how important that is to NCAAF fans, so we’ve made it possible for you to bet on that as well. You can come for the big college football games, stay for the lesser known (but just as great ones) then bet on the Heisman. Discover all that we can do here for you here during the college football season and every other at Betnow.