College Football Betting the Pac 12 games 2021

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting the Pac 12

When people think about big time college football, too often, they don’t think of the Pac 12. Now, obviously, a lot of that is that the sports media is predominantly in the east and they’re rarely up to see these games. That said, if they’re not looking at the Pac 12, they’re missing out. This is a conference that’s poised for a resurgence with some of the best players and teams in the country. There’s a genuine national power in the conference this year as well as plenty of other teams who could make that next step to return to prominence. If you’re into college football betting the Pac 12 this year, you’re going to want to be in on the Pac 12. 

College Football Betting the Pac 12 North 

When it comes to the Pac 12, one name stands out this year: Oregon. They’ve been the best team in the Pac 12 for years now and that doesn’t look to stop in this season. In fact, they’re the Pac 12’s best chance to field a real playoff team, the kind of team that can go far into the playoffs, in fact. How? Well, Mario Cristobal has done a great job as coach. Beyond that, real talent. Kayvon Thibodeaux is a player who very well could be the first pick in the draft next year, the kind of defender that becomes a legend beyond he enters the NFL. We’re only a few weeks (months) out from “Tank for Thibodeaux” signs popping up in some unhappy NFL city. 

Beyond that, there are good teams in the Pac 12 North, but no one really on the same level as Oregon. That said, anything can happen. The Huskies have a squad this year, and many see them as the team that could take the North should the Ducks stumble. Stanford and Cal are also in the mix, fighting for bowl spots. Beyond that, the Oregon State Beavers and Washington State are teams that are still rebuilding in the Pac 12 North this season. How do you see the North going? 

South and Beyond 

Oregon may take the headlines, but they’re far from the only team in the Pac 12. In fact, for someone from the North to win the conference, they have to beat the championships of the South. Yes, USC may not be what they were a few years ago, but at any year, it could all come together and the Trojans could rise to prominence one more time. They always have the recruiting and the talent, it’s just a question of it all coming together. 

That said, there’s something of a logjam in the South, Arizona State and Utah are good teams, too. They would absolutely be in the mix to win this division as it’s not like the Trojans are that far ahead of them (at least as things stand in the beginning of September). Beyond that, UCLA and Colorado are also teams that could have good seasons that could make things work this year for them, too – fighting for bowl spots and having the kinds of seasons that show they’re ready to be powers in the Pac 12 as well. 

Arizona may still be in the process of rebuilding their program, but they’re also one of those teams that no one can write off should they have to head to the desert to play them. 

The Pac 12 and Beyond 

That’s just a very brief summary of what’s happening in the Pac 12 this season. This is one of the many college football conferences you can bet on this year. We’ve touched on some of the biggest conferences in these previews, but we’re going to offer games for just about every conference here at our site. The MAC, Big Sky, and so many more – if they’re playing D 1 football (or even if they aren’t) you can probably find it at our site. Here’s to a great season!