College Football 2021 Betting the First Weekend 

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Online College Football Betting

College football! It’s here! It actually happened. No more “here’s what went on at camp,” or “here’s more predictions about what may happen months from now” or any of that. No, it’s the real college football. It’s really here, really happening. That means that it’s time to watch and get into online college football betting. These games are coming around before the big NFL games do, so there’s plenty happening in this first weekend. Of course, you can find the college football betting the first weekend (as well as subsequent weekends) here on BetNow. 

Online College Football Betting Friday 9/3

Why wait till Saturday to start college football? Sure, you could, but why would you? Plenty of big games, in the ACC as well as the Big Ten Conference, are happening this Friday. These aren’t just with also-rans, either. These are the big teams, the ones who know what they’re doing. It all starts in the evening with the North Carolina Tar Heels playing their ACC rivals, the Virginia Tech Hokies. NC, by virtue of Sam Howell, and a bounce for other players, are six points favorites against VT. How do you see this going down? 

Then, at 7:05 PM Eastern time, we get a bit of ACC powers playing teams outside of the ACC. The Wake Forest Demon Deacons host Old Dominion. Now, you might look at that line and think: “why am I betting on a game where the line is 31.5?” Well, it could be a great opportunity. Do you think Wake is really that good? That they’re going to blow someone out that badly? Or, do you see it as a chance to put to use that knowledge wherein you think the Demon Deacons might not be all that great this year, so maybe they only win by a touchdown or two? You can get that here. 

Also in the 7:05 PM time, we’ve got Duke playing Charlotte. Duke is an almost touchdown and an extra point favorite on the road, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to win against a game Charlotte team. Later on in the night, we’ll have some real Big 10 action, as the Michigan State Spartans play Northwestern. Northwestern is a three-point favorite, but this is Big 10, big time, big boy pants football. Who do you got? 

A Taste of What’s Happening Saturday 

There are all kinds of games on Saturday. Traditional powers playing big rivals. Then again, we’ve got traditional powers from different conferences playing each other when they usually don’t. That starts at Noon eastern when the Stanford Cardinal goes up against Kansas State. Both teams are good albeit maybe not who they were just a  few years before. As of this moment, we’ve got Kansas State with a 3.5 point favorite, but this game could certainly go either way. 

At that same time, a big Big 10 game kicks off, with the Penn State Nittany Lions going to Wisconsin to play the Badgers. The Badgers are, as you might imagine, a favorite at home. Specifically, they’re a 5.5 point favorite in Wisconsin. That said,  the Lions think they have a squad this year, and have been looking forward to this for a long time. Who do you have? 

Two of the most recognizable teams in college football kick off at 3:35 PM, where the once and future powers meet. There, national champion favorites (depending on who you talk to) the Alabama Crimson Tide take on the team that used to be the team that we all thought would win: the Miami Hurricanes. As of now, it’s a different era: the Crimson Tide are 19.5 point favorites. But, this is the best Miami team in a while. How do you see this going? You can bet it all at Betnow!