College Football Betting the Big 12 2021 Conference

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting the Big 12

The Big 12. It’s a conference that, well, is in flux. For many folks, it’s hard to focus on this year’s Big 12 season. After all, in the near future, the Big 12 isn’t going to look exactly like it does today. But, that’s tomorrow – not today. If you’re going to be into college betting the Big 12, there are plenty of great opportunities in the Big 12 this season. This is still a conference with a championship contender, with a BCS spot, and some teams that are going to be in the national conversation, some of them for the first time in a while. Let’s take a look at the Big 12. 

The Contenders 

When it comes to the Big 12, what we tend to think of is “Boomer Sooner.’ Yes, the Sooners are back. That said, they’re rarely ever actually gone. They seemingly have a great team, year after year after year. The Sooners don’t have to reload, they always come back with another strong contender. That said, this is a very good Oklahoma team, but perhaps not to the level of the legendary ones from the past. Of course, if this team gets hot, gets a lot of momentum, lookout. They could be in the national championship conversation again. 

After that, it became a bit of a stunner for many. When folks think about “the other team that isn’t Oklahoma” in the Big 12 Conference, the main thing that comes to mind is the Texas Longhorns. But, that’s not the team that many have as the biggest competition to the Sooners this year. No, it’s the Iowa State Cyclones. The best Iowa State team in generations is a real threat to win the Big 12 and even go farther. People that haven’t heard of the Cyclones before are going to in the very near future. 

College Football Betting the Big 12 Football 

Of course, now that we’ve mentioned the Iowa State Cyclones, the next thing to think about are those Longhorns. Hook ‘em Horns is a good team, on the real way back. Folks have been raving about their young quarterback for many reasons. He really has a chance to be the best Longhorns QB since… Vince? Longer than that? Regardless, he could be what returns Texas to its place as one of the biggest and best teams in the country. That said, not many think it will happen this year, but it definitely could. 

From there, most of the predictions go to Stillwater, where the Oklahoma State Cowboys are good once again. Sure, it’s not like the days of Barry Sanders and Jason Gildon, but the Cowboys have a squad yet again. They would love nothing more than to knock off a great Oklahoma team and thus deprive them of going further into the rankings.

TCU has been up or down in the last so many years, and now we find them to be pretty much towards the middle of the Big 12. They’re not a team that may be in the basement, but they may struggle against some of the better squads in the conference. They have talent, but it may not all come together this year to make them a real Big 12 contender. 

Kansas State is coming back to prominence as well, even though we have them in the middle of the Big 12 right now. Speaking of rebuilding, the West Virginia Mountaineers very well could be one of those teams that surprise people as the season goes on. Baylor, Texas Tech, and the Kansa Jayhawks are expected to struggle this year. But, as they always say, “that’s why they play the games.” How do you see betting the Big 12 going this year? You can bet all of the college football games at BetNow!