College Football Betting 2021: the Big 10 West Division

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Football Betting Predictions

The Big 10. There are many football divisions, but for plenty of folks, the “Big 10” means football. Yes, it’s not the same as the SEC, with Alabama and the like. But, the Big 10 is big time football. You’ve got great teams that folks have heard about for generations in both divisions. This year, the Big 10 has got a great team, perhaps, and some other teams that could challenge the Buckeyes. We’ll have college football betting predictions on the Big 10 (as well as just about every other conference) throughout the entire season, into the playoffs, and beyond. 

College Football Betting the Big 10 East Division 

Thankfully, we’re past the “Leaders” and “Legends” stuff with these divisions, and now it’s East and West. In the East, of course, the story starts with Ohio State. How could it not? They’re your favorite to win the Big 10 East, the Big 10, and they might be in the conversation for the national championship as well. Behind them, though, and perhaps not all that far behind them, are the Penn State Nittany Lions. Penn State usually has a good team, but this is one that might make a run against the Buckeyes this year. 

After that, many folks, perhaps surprisingly, have the Hoosiers ahead of Michigan. Just a few years ago that would have seemed impossible just a few short years ago. That said, these teams could very well be right in the middle of the division in the East. Beyond that, we expect teams such as Maryland, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and the Michigan State Spartans to struggle this year as well. How do you see the East division going this year? With each team being able to play a full season this year, it should be very different. 

Big 10 West Division 

In the West division, Wisconsin reigns supreme. In the last few years, they truly have been a national power. Should they win the West, they would be an underdog (most likely) against the Buckeyes in the Big 10 championship game, but they could absolutely give them a game. That said, Iowa is right on the Badgers’ heels. The Iowa Hawkeyes are a tough team who very well could surprise some folks. 

Speaking of surprising, the days of Northwestern being a doormat in the Big 10 have been gone for some time. Instead, they very well might be right there in the middle of the fight for the West division. After that, you get some traditional national powers who may still be in the process of rebuilding their teams to what they used to be. To that end, we’ve got the bottom of the division tending to be teams such as the Illini, the Boilermakers, and the Cornhuskers, not necessarily in that order. Each of those teams could surprise, but, as it stands in August, each of them will find themselves fighting to get to a bowl position. 

College Football Betting Predictions: All of the College Football

So far, we’ve covered the SEC and the Big 10. But, make no mistake, you can find the football betting you’re looking for right here at BetNow. For example, you’ll be able to bet on the ACC, the Pac-10, the Big 12, and just about any other college football game or conference that you can imagine. We have all of these games throughout the season, so that you’ll be able to bet on what you want when you want to bet on it. Good luck to you throughout the season!