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College Football Betting 2021: The Games that Matter to You

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Football Betting 2021

When you sit down for your college football betting 2021, are you looking for more than just the power conferences? Did you go to a “smaller school,” or know a lot about those teams, and want to get a bet down on their games? The truth is that most folks, even real in the know bettors, don’t realize just how much college football there is to bet on on a given weekend (and that’s just for D one). Here at BetNow, we aim to offer every single college football game. That doesn’t mean that we do, it just means that we may have them all. If you’re looking for a game to bet on, NCAA football odds are that it’s here. 


How many star NFL players can you think of that went to the MAC? Odds are that it’s well, well into double digits. It seems like practically every year, there’s another great player in the draft who makes an impact in the league who came out of a small school in the MAC. This makes plenty of sense when you think about it (folks develop and grow at different rates, etc.) But, it means that there are some great football players and, indeed, great football, in the MAC. We offer plenty of great MAC games at our site, including on September 4th. 

We’ll start with the Miami of Ohio Redhawks playing at Cincinnati. Now, Cincinnati is not in the MAC. in fact, for so many of us, the first way that we encountered a lot of these MAC teams was seeing them in the first game of the year where they’re a “sacrificial lamb,” so to speak, to a traditional D-1 power from a power conference. The Bearcats are seen as such a team (at least, in relation to Miami of Ohio) as they’re favored by 23 points as of this writing. 

Do you agree with that? Do you see the Bearcats running up the score and winning by more than three touchdowns? Or, do you see the Redhawks as being able to keep it close or even possibly pull off a stunning upset? Some MAC teams are getting better lines throughout the day. For example, later on on the 4th, Ohio hosts Syracuse, and Syracuse is only a 1.5 point favorite in OU. What do you think? 

Big College Football Betting 2021 on Big Conferences 

Just because we mentioned some MAC teams above doesn’t mean that we’re offering anything less than the best in terms of big, power conference football. For example, the Crimson Tide are heading to the U, Miami Florida, to take on the Canes. As you might imagine, since Alabama is in the game, they are a heavy favorite. Every year, they send plenty of first round picks to the NFL and, every year, they reload and have someone else great in the pipeline. They’re an 18 point favorite on the road. How do you see this going? 

Speaking of big games between the SEC and the ACC, later in the night, we’ve got the Georgia Bulldogs heading to Clemson. Always a tough place to play, there’s a reason it’s often referred to as “Death Valley.” That said, our handicappers see the Bulldogs as having a real shot at life, since they’re only a 3.5 point underdog on the road in Clemson. How do you see this going? Does Clemson actually lose at home in their opener? Or, do they end up rolling a Bulldogs team that’s pretty good but might not be good enough to win a game like this? You’ll find all of the best betting on college football through the first week and beyond here at BetNow!