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College Basketball Online Sportsbook Action is Back

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Basketball Online

The wait is over. College basketball is back. All across America (and further than that, in some cases) “midnight madness” and more has commenced. From now through the time in the spring when someone cuts down the nets, the college basketball season will be going at full speed. These are some of the best opportunities our college basketball online sportsbook offers for winning, as if you know a bit about some of these smaller schools, you really put yourself in a great position to make a lot of money. 

College Basketball Online : So, So Many Games

Obviously, we offer a lot of college basketball games. Just as we do with every other sport, if you go to our site, you’ll find that there are so many college basketball games to choose from. Of course, we make sure that you can find college basketball action essentially any night that there’s a game. This isn’t like the NFL or something – when there’s a college basketball game, you’ll be able to bet on it. 

This means that you’ll be able to get all of the big games from the power conferences. But, in addition to that, you’ll be able to bet on all of the games from the small schools, as well. Just because a team doesn’t play in the biggest conference, you can still make the biggest amount of money off of their game. It happens right at our site. 

This makes for a great, fun experience if you’re at the college right now. We get stories all the time from our bettors who pool their money in the dorms, bet big on their school, and then walk away with incredible winnings. That’s as school spirit as a moment can be. At BetNow, you can use your college basketball online knowledge to make quite a bit of money. 

“Extra Games” 

Still not enough games for you? Then we’ve got even more options. At our site, you’ll find that we also offer “NCAA Men Extra Games,” too. Each of these games may not be on ESPN, ESPN2, or even ESPN+, but you can find these games to bet them at our site. Our professional handicappers can put together a money line, point spread and odds so that you can bet on these games, no matter where and when they are. These are plenty of the games and teams that may not make the national broadcast, but they can make you quite a bit of money. 

Types of College Basketball Betting

The days of only being able to bet on the end of a college basketball game are over. In the past, sure, maybe you were only able to bet on the winners and the losers of a game. However, those days are just that: in the past. Instead, now, at our site, you can bet on the first half as well as the second half. Really, we see it as not just a way for our players to make more money, but also a way to reward those who really know their college basketball.

First Half and Second Half Betting

For example, we all know of teams that start out strong. By that same token, we all know about teams that take a while to get going, too. Our players, our bettors, who really know what they’re doing, are aware of everything that these teams do. So, in the past, if you knew a team that started out strong but tended to get tired and fade at the end, you really couldn’t use that to make money. Sure, you could bet on the team to win, but you’d always be taking that chance that, when they inevitably fade or start to tire, that the other team wouldn’t be able to come back. 

Now, with our first half betting, you can bet on a team to win the first half that’s, well, very good at winning the first half. Maybe they have a bunch of freshmen or sophomores that come out strong but can’t keep banging with the big seniors by the end. Or, additionally, perhaps you understand that the coaching staff of a team is really, really adept at changing during the half. Maybe you know that they close strong, and want to take advantage of that knowledge, too. That’s where our “2nd half” bets come in handy. 

Online Sportsbook for Basketball 

Sure, we’re excited for the beginning of college basketball, but there are so many great basketball opportunities at our site. You can simply click on “basketball” to see all of the different leagues and games that we have to offer. Sure, we have everything you’ll need from the NBA as well as the NCAA, but there are plenty of other leagues, all across the globe, that provide you with opportunities, as well. Have a great season on the hardwood!