College Basketball Internet Betting: Common Mistakes Made

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Basketball Betting

College basketball betting is always an exciting treat in the sporting scene. The diversity it offers has something to offer every punter in the game, novice or pro. The number of teams and divisions you can select from are countless. Information is also readily available. Notwithstanding, punters do not give much credit and attention into college basketball internet betting until the March Madness. It is a shame that the March Madness got cancelled for the first time this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the time to polish your skills and get all you cards straight before the event resumes. Meaning, this is when you study on the little mistakes you may not realize you make most of the time. 

Here are some of the mistakes to watch out for as you wait to resume on college basketball internet betting. 

College Basketball Internet Betting: Emotional Betting

This is otherwise what we call fan betting. College basketball is among the sporting events that cannot accommodate a fan while betting. You can owe this to the fact that the scene is always changing. Players come into a new season or game with renewed energy or renewed cockiness. That is where the dynamics of the games change. Therefore, it would help if you put all the love and hate aside and use your mind. As much as you may have your favorite team, take your time to study the rest and avoid giving it too much credit. After all, you want to get the most out of betting in terms of payoffs and enjoyment.

Depending on Teams with Reputation

The worst mistake in this is you will always discredit the underdogs. Teams with a good reputation will always have the media’s eye. So are the coaches of such teams. The amount of praises put out there due to a team being famous may lure a punter to betting for them. The problem with this is that even the biggest giants also lose. You can see this in situations such as on the road tournaments. There are also other factors such as fatigue and injuries you should consider. The strongest player in a majorly successful team may be on the bench. This will reduce their chances of winning significantly.

Ignorance of Match Location

When it comes to college basketball tournaments, location has a great impact on the game outcome. In most cases, the biggest advantage is when a team plays in their home court. They have a greater motivation from the cheering of their supporters. 

It would be wise not to ignore the fact that some teams are favored away from their home court. This is in the case of the on the road tournaments. The home team, especially the renowned ones, tend to relax if they know they are playing with a weaker team. If the underdog decides to bring their all to the game, the giants increase their losing chances. 

Focusing on March Madness Only

The March Madness is the event that closes the college basketball season. Many people only focus on the March Madness instead of paying attention since beginning of the season. Focusing on every game since the start of the season gives you better statistics on the teams and their strengths. This way, you avoid making mistakes while betting on March Madness. College basketball betting also has better odds before the March Madness begins. These are some things you should utilize. Nevertheless, it is commonly known that people ignore the regular season. You will have a greater advantage on finding value if you focus on the regular season instead of the final tournament.

Paint Control and Defense

Paint control is one aspect of the game that people don’t take notice of. It should be known that the team with better pain control have higher chances of winning. An offensive team player has three seconds to be on the defensive team’s paint area. This is where three pointers come in. Control here does not mean ultimate winning. If the other team has better guards, they also have a great chance at dominating the game. The mistake most bettors make is focusing and long shot parts of the game. Studying these two aspects will help you a lot in college basketball betting.

Frequent Betting

There are a lot of teams to choose from in college basketball online betting. This may look like a place where you can binge place wagers. If you make this move, highest chances is you are losing value in your bets. You should take your time to select what will have a significant payout in the long run. It is always better to narrow down your options. That is why you are advised on choosing one division which you can extensively study on and have the best chances of a glorious win.

College basketball betting offers you endless action all season with variety, better than the NBA. Join Betnow for the best odds of the college basketball season. While at it, keep the above mistakes in mind so as to avoid them.