College Basketball Betting Tips

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Basketball Betting Tips

College basketball is a platform offering exciting action all year long. Governed under the NCAA, there are over 300 teams in over 30 conferences at the moment. As we draw closer to the end of the season, everyone has their eyes on March Madness which is the biggest tournament in the basketball world. Making a choice with the overwhelming action might prove a bit difficult for most of punters. BetNow offers you a wide range of college basketball events that you can wager on. Here are a few college basketball betting tips as you start on betting

Set Your Goals

You need to know what you want in the long run while betting on NCAA basketball. Have a basis of the success you need to achieve keeping in mind that preparation is needed. Meaning, your eyes should be skimming over every possibility in a college basketball tournament. Make a plan on the path you are going to take in terms of betting. So know the difference between straight up betting and parlay, point spread and moneylines, even the totals and half totals. This helps in the case of college basketball games since there are a lot of teams on the line-up in one day.

College Basketball Betting Tips: Have Clear Records

Make a point of watching the games all season since you can start betting on teams as early as the season starts. The information you gather for yourself from the games helps you to know what is right and what is false. You can filter out what you do not need while you bet instead of depending on others. Every betting site will be posting predictions according to their thoughts. They can, sometimes, be misleading. Everyone is out to gain what they need at the day’s end. You are liable for the losses or gains you make with the money you wager. Being accountable for it is crucial for every minute you spend betting on college basketball. Bet on what works best for you, not the betting site.

Gather Any Relevant Information

How do you achieve this? By watching all games needed. You prevent yourself from choosing blindly out of the love of a team. Your favorite may not be the best and you need to register this. You get to assess all trends, the best players in different teams, and the best tactics in the game. This will help especially in the case of prop bets. Another way to gather information is hunting it down from trustworthy sources who are not biased. It is a small cost to pay to go through top sites and find out their take on the games. Compare your information with what they have and make changes where necessary. Once you master all this, exploit it to your advantage while betting on college basketball

Come up with a Concrete Strategy for Your Betting

Incorporating a strategy for long term use will also require a lot of studying on your part. First of all, select a region you want to deal with. There are a lot of divisions in college basketball. It can get confusing if you decide to focus on every conference at the same time. You can easily deduce all the basics of the strengths and weaknesses of teams in one conference making data collection easier.

Never Discredit the Underdog

A mistake most people do is automatically assuming that the underdog will lose. In the major events, the loser is motivated to look good before the crowds and may put in efforts to ensure a win. This is another reason why it is important to look at trends all season. It will help to know who is out to exert revenge on another team for losing to it last time. You can be sure that this can change the direction of the game drastically to or against your favor depending on your choices.

Make Use of Prop Bets, Live Bets and Circumstances

The best thing about betting on college basketball is the options that come along with it. There are a variety of individual aspects of a team or player that you can bet on. This is beginning with the best player in a conference. Next is who is best at offense and defense. Third, the player you think will shoot the most three pointers, and so on. Prop bets are a major boost for your bets and eventual payout. Live bets may turn around your bets entirely. Putting in mind the factor of circumstances within the game. These include injury, play time, and so forth.

College Basketball Betting Tips: Start Early

Finally, do not wait until the final tournament to place your bets. Before the rush hour, the odds are higher in your favor. That is why you need to start tracking the tournaments from the beginning of the season. At the end of it all, you will have taken the hugest advantages offered by sports betting sites.

Betting on college basketball, besides watching the games, is another thrilling part of the NCAA tournaments. Not only do you get to have a taste of awesome matches all year long, but also good wagers to place while at it. Keep all the above in mind as the March Madness approaches and in all other college basketball tournaments.