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College Basketball Betting: Opportunities of the Year

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Basketball Betting

There are plenty of sports that are conducive to betting. Football has so many different kinds of bets. You can bet on the money line, the odds, all kinds of exotics, futures and so forth. Baseball, college football, the NBA, the NHL – they all give you plenty of chances and different ways to win. If you go through our site, you’ll find that you can bet on politics, eSports, tennis, UFC, horse racing and so many other sports. However, college basketball is seemingly built for betting. There are so many great ways to get in on college basketball betting. Best of all, it culminates in perhaps the best betting opportunity of the year: March Madness. 

College Basketball Betting at BetNow

As with just about every other sport, you can bet the money line at our site. There, you can pick which team is going to beat the other one. The team with the minus odds (-144 or something similar) is the team that’s favored. By that same token, the team with the plus sign by their odds is the team that’s the underdog. A good rule of thumb: when you see a team with a minus sign by their name, that’s how much money you’d have to bet on them to win and get $100. For the other team, that’s how much you would get for betting $100 on them and they win. If you can keep that in mind, you’ve got a pretty good idea about what the NCAAB money line is, no matter what the sport might be. 

That’s far from the only way that we make it possible for you to bet on college basketball. Additionally, you can bet on the totals and the over/under, too. College basketball games, perhaps even more so than the NBA, can have essentially any kind of different score by the end. Many of our over/under for college basketball are lower than you might find in the pros. So, if you believe that the two teams are going to engage in a defensive struggle, where both teams are going to have to really work to score, then you might want to take the under. 

That said, if it’s going to be run and gun, up and down the court all night long, then it might make sense to take them over. One of the most exciting things about college basketball is that you really never know what’s going to happen on one night or another.

March Madness

No discussing of betting on college hoops would be complete without touching on March Madness. For a few weekends in March, the entire world stops and turns its attention to college basketball. For many of our players, whether they’re the most consistent or those who do so casually, their very first betting experience in life was filling out their parents’ NCAA March Madness bracket. At our site, we give you far more opportunities than simply filling out your bracket with which teams “have the best names.” 

Here, you’ll be able to bet the tournament how you want to bet the tournament. If you know that some mid-major team is undervalued, you can take them to go as far as you want. Should your research direct you to who the overall winner is going to be, we’ve got you covered there, too. At our site, you can bet your way through all of March Madness, ultimately winning throughout. 

Of course, what makes our site so much better than those who just give you an opportunity to bet on the bracket is that you can bet on the individual games, too. Perhaps your bracket gets busted (it happens to the best of us). When that occurs, your March Madness isn’t over at BetNow. Instead, you can bet on all of the games that happen from there on out. These games are a great opportunity for those who might have had their bracket busted early due to an unforeseen upset to make a lot of money throughout the tournament. 

College Basketball Fever

You can feel when college basketball is on the horizon. These seasons are shorter than many of the other sports seasons, but they have a powerful kind of intensity. College basketball games, as much as the other ones, really reward those who do their research. At BetNow, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bet on college basketball, throughout the games and the rest of the season, too. Good luck to you and your teams throughout the college basketball season.