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College Basketball Betting Before and During the Madness

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Basketball Betting 2021

It was the day before Selection Sunday, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except for, of course, all of these huge conference tournament games. Welcome to the Dance Before the Dance, so to speak. Yes, that’s what you could call the “Play In Games,” but, just as likely, it’s what you could call these conference tournaments. Whether it’s teams punching their ticket (in the only way they can) or battling for seating, these games are incredibly important for how the Big Dance shakes out. As ever, during this season, this tournament, or any other, you can do your college basketball betting 2021 at BetNow. 

College Basketball Betting 2021 Big Tournaments 

Ohio State and Michigan. Just saying those words brings to mind so many images. The Big House. The Horseshoe. Heisman Trophies. Of course, all of that is football. The truth is that they’re big rivals on the hardwood, too. We all know the great Michigan teams from years gone by, but Ohio State’s had some good ones, too. Now, these two eternal rivals are meeting in a big game: the Big 10 Conference semifinal in Indianapolis. The winner plays for the Big 10 title (which, of course, feels familiar when it comes to Ohio State and Michigan). The line is Michigan by six, but who do you have in this one? 

Speaking of big conferences and teams that tend to see each other in football as well as basketball, from Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, the Volunteers play the Crimson Tide. Just as in football, too, here the Crimson Tide is favored, but only by a field goal. The winner goes on to play for the SEC title. Who do you got?  

Championship Games 

Not all conferences are still in their semifinals anymore. Instead, they’re in their championship games. Two of the biggest of these are the Big 12 and the ACC. The Big 12 Championship Game this year should be a good one: the Oklahoma State Cowboys taking on the Longhorns. The Longhorns are a 1.5 point favorite, which means our handicappers think this is going to be a close one. What do you think is going to happen in this one? 

As for the ACC, well, it might look a little different than you’re used to. This year, it’s Georgia Tech taking on Florida State. These two climbed over all of the teams that others thought might be better and moved on to this final game. When the line for this comes out, you’ll get it right at our site. 

It’s not just the biggest conferences that have their championship games on Saturday. When mid majors have a championship game, it’s an incredibly big deal. The winners go on to the tournament. And, usually, the team that doesn’t win the game goes home. For many of the seniors, this could be the last basketball game they ever play. So, the stakes are literally as high as can be. 

They certainly are in the Conference USA championship game. Here, the North Texas Mean Greene takes on Western Kentucky. The line here is a “pick ‘em,” so we have this as tight a matchup as can be. If you’re unfamiliar with these teams, this game presents a great opportunity – giving you a chance to learn something before the big tournament itself. With the knowledge you glean for looking into betting this one, you can really come out ahead. 

Also, the Atlantic 10 has a huge, tight conference title game as well. Virginia Commonwealth takes on St. Bonaventure. You remember Virginia Commonwealth from years past, when they went into the tournament and did real damage. Do you think that can happen again? Or, does their tournament run end here with a loss to St. Bonaventure? 

The appetizers have been set. The main course is almost here. Selection Sunday isn’t here yet, but we can all wait a little more with these games on the horizon. Of course, once the dance arrives, it consumes everything. You can bet on  March Madness brackets, you can bet on the halves, you can bet on every aspect of it. That’s what makes the Big Dance so big. Good luck from all of us at BetNow!