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Big East Tournament Betting

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Big East Tournament Betting

The Big East. Just saying the name makes you think of not just college basketball, but a very particular kind of college basketball. Physical. Mean. Strong. The image, perhaps ingrained forever, of the Big East will always be Patrick Ewing’s thunderous dunks at Georgetown (where is now the head coach). The Big East may have a new big dog, but there’s still plenty of tough, wild basketball to be played. Their tournament is always a highlight, and we’ve got picks for the Big East Tournament

Big East Tournament Betting: Where and Who

The Big East Tournament is at, where else, the Garden. At Madison Square Garden, from the 9th through the 12th, the Big East Tournament will take place. You’ll find it on Fox and FS1, as ever. The odds on favorite are the Villanova Wildcats, who many folks have as the only “minus” on the board in terms of odds. Beyond that, UConn often pulls up 2nd, narrowly over the + range, often around 300 or so. Providence and Marquette are usually nearby, in the +500 range. 

After that, you start getting further out. Creighton and Seton Hall Pirates are in the high teens, respectively. Xavier is often over two thousand, St. John’s over three thousand, five thousand for Butler, ten thousand for DePaul, and more than forty thousand for Georgetown. 


Nova is it. When it comes to the Big East, they are the big favorites. Jay Wright is as good a coach as the game has right now and they play real, genuine defense – top 40 in the nation. Speaking of top rankings, they’re the best free-throw shooting team in the country. That’s going to matter in any tournament. Guard Collin Gillespie is a beast, at 16.3 PPG, while Justin Moore is just about as good, coming in with 15 PPG. 


Gone are the days of Charlie Villanueva. UConn, this year, actually snuck up on people. They had fallen off a bit but now are back. They’re a balanced team, the kind that can be difficult to take out in the tournament. Indeed, they’re in the top 50s in scoring defense and top 70 in points allowed. 

The scoring for UConn comes from forward Adama Sanogo with 15.3 and guard RJ Cole who pumps in 15.8 points per game. This is one more way that the Huskies are balanced this year on the court. 


The Providence Friars too are balanced in many ways. However, their balance would make them seem like a team that isn’t as good as they’ve played. Speaking of, the Friars have been good, even if the numbers don’t back that up. Specifically, they’re 140th in scoring offense and 100th in allowing points. Those aren’t typically numbers that scream “good team,” but the Friars have been. To that end, they have five players who average around ten points a game. So, their scoring comes from multiple places. 


A lot of these Big East teams this year, they may not have a lot of stars. But, what they do have is a lot of depth. They’ve got a lot of guys who can step in score, step in and do the work. To that end, the Creighton Bluejays absolutely get it done. Their scoring leader is forward Ryan Hawkins, who comes in at 14.3 PPG. But, the roster is deeper than you might think. 

However, again, the numbers don’t bear this out. They make the Bluejays look not so great. Indeed, they’re 233rd in scoring offense. Eagle-eyed readers will note that’s lower than the 64 teams that get into the tournament. 

Who We Got 

Hard to ever go against Villanova. UConn is better than they’ve been, but the Wildcats are still a cut above.

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