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Beyond NFL Online Betting at the Top Online Sportsbook

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Online Betting

The Super Bowl is over. The next NFL event will be the combine, and that’s not exactly something we’ll have a lot of coverage of here at BetNow. That means that, for many of our players, it can feel like the betting season is over, that there’s nothing to bet on until the games start up again. However, that’s not true. There’s so much else that you can bet on at our site. Here at BetNow, the top online sportsbook (if we do say so ourselves) you can find plenty of action in addition to NFL online betting

After NFL Online Betting, College Basketball

That’s the next of the big sports to soon go to its playoff round. College basketball is great for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it has a pretty short season. But, there’s plenty to bet on during that season. For example, as of this writing (right after the Super Bowl) there are plenty of big conference games that you can bet on. These are the big rivalries between the teams that play each other, year in and year out. 

After that, the conference tournaments begin. These are the tournaments that decide who’s going to have the automatic bids to the big dance itself. Sure, in the big conferences, many of the schools that don’t win will still go. However, in the smaller conferences, only the winner may be the one team to get in. So, these kids are playing for their seasons. Of course, you can find all of these games right here at BetNow. 

March Madness

Once the conference championships are done, then it’s time for March Madness. Yes, every March, college basketball (and it’s tournament) takes over the world. These are the biggest games of the entire year, and those weekends are unlike anything else. You can bet on all of the games right here at our site. That means that you can bet on the games, the odds, the point spread, the money line, and so forth. 

Of course, in addition to that, you’ll be able to bet in the March Madness way, too. Here at BetNow, we have a bracket contest, too. The difference between our bracket contest and the ones you’re used to, of course, is that ours is for up to $500,000. That makes it quite competitive, as you imagine. However, we believe that if you have a great bracket, you should be rewarded for it. So, in this contest, you’ll have the best chance to pull off something incredible. 

NBA and NHL 

Once the NFL ends, much of the professional sports world turns its head to the NBA and NHL. These leagues are right in the middle of their regular seasons, so there’s plenty left to be bet on. We’re not quite at the point yet where these teams are making their big push for the playoffs, but there are teams that are fighting for their position. 

What’s great about these games is that they’re basically always going on. They, along with college basketball, ensure that you have something to bet on just about every night. There’s always something going on. If you’re looking to bet on something, odds are you’ll be able to find it. 

Then, in a shorter period of time than you might think, the playoffs will begin. The NHL will go first, and then the NBA will follow suit. What makes these playoffs so great is that they last for such a long period of time. March Madness is tremendous, of course, but it mostly runs for March. The NHL and the NBA go on and on, into the summer. 

MLB and Beyond 

Baseball starts up again in April, and doesn’t end until November. In that time, there will be games basically every single night. Sure, teams have off days, and yes, those are usually Mondays, but that’s where you’ll find your college basketball, NBA, NHL, and other games to tide you over. Really, if you’re looking for something to bet on, you can find it every night here at BetNow. 

Of course, by the time the MLB really gets cranked up and the playoff push gets into swing, the NFL online betting is back. Then, you’ll be back on the schedule you were. That’s what makes sports so great: there’s always something going on. If you want to bet on NFL, you’ll be able to. So, at our site, you’ll find all of the different sports that you want to bet on. That said, these are just American sports. There’s plenty more sports available outside of America, too. To see everything that we have at our site, you can head over to BetNow right now and take it all in. Good luck to you throughout the NFL off-season!