Betting on the NFL: Strategies That Will Ensure Your Winning

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting on the NFL

A huge percentage of the American population are interested in football. This comes closely ahead of basketball which has gained a lot of popularity over the years. And when it comes to betting on the NFL, there is a huge contribution of revenue to betting companies from this. It is ranked the most betted sport in America. Everyone’s eyes are always waiting on the Superbowl every year being the hugest football event of the season. 

The American Betting Association approximated that punters placed up to 4.7 billion dollars on the Superbowl event. Through legal avenues of National Football League betting, only 132 million dollars was made.

The rest came from the illegal avenues. Keeping in mind, this happens because betting is not yet legalized in most states of America. In total, all season, NFL betting and college football gunners up to approximately 50 million dollars every year. It is right to say that most punters do not gain any profits from betting. 

Why Do Bettors Lose Their Bets on Betting on the NFL?

Betting is in the least a complicated endeavor that requires a lot of precision and study. You have to know specific patterns in whatever the sport you want to bet on. That being said, betting on the NFL is no different. The average punter only wins about 50 percent of the bets they make in one year. This is primarily because, all odds must be in favor of the site or bookmarker.

It is requires a degree of meticulousness so as to make the right predictions on a game. It is always a struggle for someone who is trying to win on any kind of betting. The systems that most bettors use is what leads to their failure as far as betting is concerned. What can you do to improve your betting skill on NFL? Below are a few things to keep in mind.

Fundamental National Football League Betting Systems

The betting system you decide to settle on is the basis of your betting experience. It is will always determine the final outlook of you bet slip and winnings. Here, we are going to mention the basic systems you should know about as you start or continue with your NFL betting.

Point Spread NFL Bet

This is the most common kind of betting system in most sports. It is also one of the easiest to deal with. It involves a spread put between a favorite and an underdog. This betting system gives both the teams an equal chance of winning. So how does it work? Let us use a case of Cowboys and Steelers, with the Cowboys as favorite and Steelers as the underdog. And say, there is a 5 point spread, usually indicated as -5 for the favorite and +5 for the underdog on the final score. Betting on the favorite, they will have to win with more than 5 points for you to win the wager.

If you bet on the underdog, you will win if the Steelers win the game. Also, if they lose within 4 points or less, you will also win. If whichever of the two you bet on settle at 5 points, the betting site or bookmarker will refund the money. 

Over/Under NFL Bets

This is also a frequently used system in sports betting. It involves wagering on the total scores of both team scores a game combined. A prediction will be made on the total score of both teams and you choose if it will be over or under. For example, let us put a prediction at 50 points total score. If you wager on over, you will win if it is above 50. If you wager on under, you will win if it below 50. It is a good system because you do not place all your cookies on one team.

Moneyline Bets

Besides the above two, moneylines are a popular type of bets in NFL betting. It is the easiest way to place a wager since you are only picking a winning side. We are still going to use the example of Cowboys and Steelers, with the Cowboys as favorite and Steelers as underdogs. Let us place the lines at -130 and +115 respectively. If you bet on the favorite, you will need to wager 130$ for a 100$ payout. For the underdogs, you can wager 100$ to get a 115$ payout. Betting on the favorite has a lower payout because it is a lower risk.

Prop Bets

These are special bets based on other game factors. These may include, touchdowns by a player, yards covered, among others. They may also be based on live bets, like a team scoring on a particular drive.

Parley Bets

These are different bets on one bet slip. It requires every outcome to be correct for you to win a wager. You might combine the total, moneyline, prop and spread bets. The payout is usually larger.

Teaser Bets

On NFL online betting, it involves altering the point spread and/or totals to your liking for a lesser payout. You can do this for 2-10 bets. For point spread, you lower for the favorite or add for the underdog. When it comes to total, you lower the over and the vice versa for under. For you to win, the outcomes must be correct.

These are basically the main systems involved in betting on the NFL. Understanding them will help you win your wagers. To get the betting lines on NFL games, visit us on BetNow.