Betting on Preseason Football

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting on Preseason Football

Your first thought might be: “Wait, why would I bet on preseason football? How can you really know what’s going to happen?” After all, the coaches don’t really play the starters, the players you know, all that often. Most coaches at this point (with some rare exceptions) let the starting QB, for one, play an entire half at any point in the preseason. That said, things might be a little bit different now since the preseason is different now: only three games for almost all of the teams (except those who played in the Hall of Fame Game). You can always take part in betting on preseason football here at BetNow. 

Look Not So Much at the Lineup, But What the Team Wants to Accomplish 

Every team goes into the preseason wanting to accomplish… something. Usually, it’s to make up for something that was failing in the prior year. If you know what a team wants to accomplish, it gives you as good an idea as possible as to how to bet them in the preseason. Another way to think about this: “narrative.” What would a team try to look for in the preseason? 

Some examples: the Pittsburgh Steelers finished last in the league last year in rushing. So, in the preseason, they’ve gone to great lengths to establish the run throughout the game. In their first two games, that doesn’t just mean the starting running back (and first round pick) Najee Harris (who is out of the game at some point in the second half). But, they also want to run with their backups, too – on the offensive line as well as the defensive line. 

A team like the Jacksonville Jaguars, on the other hand, is looking to establish, well, everything. So, they’re going to play their top overall pick, quarterback Trevor Lawrence. They’re going to try to establish a winning tradition now (and may play a bit harder than some other teams because of it). Reading a bit about what local media says about a team can give you a clear idea as to what they’re trying to do in the preseason. Then, you can bet accordingly. 

Betting on Preseason Football is All about the QBs

You’ll notice that the header here said “QBs” and not just “QB.” That’s because it’s rarely about the starting QB. Rather, it’s about the backups behind him. For the most part, those are the guys who are going to play most of the game. So, just as you would tend to favor the team with the better starting QB in a regular season game (although not exclusively), looking at the team with the stronger backup QBs can be a good way to pick a game. 

That said, you might want to look at the 2nd and 3rd string quarterback as well. A strong backup can give way to a weak 3rd stringer who can lose you a game. Case in point: a recent game plan from the Philadelphia Eagles. Jalen Hurts is the unquestioned starter, potentially poised for a breakout year. The backup is as experienced a backup as you’ll find in local guy Joe Flacco. Both of them played a fine game against the Steelers. The problems really began when, as they had played well, the coach put in the 3rd string quarterback, Nick Mullens. He threw a pick and was generally ineffective. Look at all the QBs before you make a decision. 

All the Games to Bet On

When it comes to betting the NFL preseason, local media is your friend. Find the newspapers for the individual teams and what they’re saying. After all, that’s where you’re going to find the media that’s embedded with the team (or as much as you can during this COVID-19 time). To bet on all of the games, this preseason, regular season, and any other, come back to BetNow!