Betting on MLB in the Pennant Chase

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
betting on pennant chase MLB

Do you want to get betting on pennant chase MLB? Do you want to get in on betting on MLB games while it’s still summer? If so, then we’ve got you covered. Here at BetNow, we’ve made it so that you can bet on the baseball games you want to bet on all season long. Now is the time of the games heating up. Everything means more now. As there are more playoff spots than ever, these games are bigger than ever. 

You can bet throughout the rest of the regular season and beyond at our site. Moreover, you can bet on the playoff games when they’re here, too. Every exciting game, every piece of the pennant chase you can bet on right here. But, beyond that, you can also bet on the games that aren’t in the pennant chase, too. 

This time of year can be exciting for fans of those teams that are already out of [playoff contention, that aren’t going to win the world series this year. Why? Because now is the time of year when the call ups happen. This is when those prospects they’ve been stockpiling may get a chance to play the games. How many times in the past few decades have some of tomorrow’s superstars gotten their start in August and September? You can bet it all right here. 

Betting on MLB Interleague

Friday is a great day for baseball. Why? Well, for one, there’s baseball, which is always good. Moreover, we’ve got plenty of big games, too. Some of them are big games that pit teams against each other who don’t often play. That’s the beauty of Interleague play.

Case in point, heading to Fenway, the Red Sox host the Milwaukee Brewers. Sure, these teams used to play more often when the Brew Crew was in the American League, but that’s a long time in the past by now. These two teams, while they don’t exactly have a rivalry, are both in pennant chases. So, they want these games. The Brewers want to walk off with the NL Central and the Red Sox want to stay in the AL East hunt. 

We’ve got the Brewers as a 1.5-run favorite in Boston. We see a fairly high-scoring game, however, as the over/under is 9. How do you see it going? Will the Red Sox defend Boston? Or will the Brewers get one step closer to the pennant? 

Speaking of interleague games with something on the line, Minnesota heads to San Diego to take on the Padres. The Padres and now one of those “big spending” teams, a team that is “in it to win it” so to speak. We have them as 1.5 run favorite at home as well. What do you see them doing? Can they pull it out and get one step closer? 

Betting on Pennant Chase MLB: Bet National League and American League Big Games

There are plenty of games on this Friday that have something to say in how the final standings go. Case in point, the Mets head to Miami to take on the Fish. The Mets have plenty to play for, but, in a division game, (and the Marlins aren’t sloths) anything can happen. 

Speaking of division games where one team has a real chance to do something in the postseason, the Dodgers go to Colorado for a game they want so as to get one step closer to taking the NL West. 

In the American League, there’s a big series in the AL West. The Mariners are as good as they’ve been in some time, ready to do some real damage. By that same token, however, they’re in Houston to take on the Astros. The Astros are one of the best teams of the last decade or so. How do you see this one going? 

Of course, you can bet all of this and more right here at our site. Beyond that, you can also bet on so many other sports, too. Good luck to you this season!