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Betting on NFL: It’s Time

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting on NFL

Admit it: on some level, you weren’t sure this day was going to come. But, the NFL, perhaps better than any other sport (certainly any that didn’t go in a bubble) has kept the COVID-19 infections to a minimum. That means (barring fans, for the most part) the NFL season really will begin. Who knows how long it will be with us, but in the days to come, there will be betting on NFL. It is truly time for betting on the NFL. Of course, as with any season, the best place to bet online is here at BetNow.

Betting on the NFL with BetNow

Thursday night, the season truly begins. The Super Bowl Champion Chiefs (a team expected by many to pick up where the Pats left off and become a true dynasty) is playing on Thursday night, September 10th. There, they’ll host the Texans. The Chiefs are a nine point favorite in this one, and while that line could change, it very well might be the line that exists at kickoff.

That said, there’s so much in this season we don’t know about. For example, just about anyone would agree that the Chiefs have as great a home field advantage as exists in the NFL. However, it’s not going to be filled with all of the members of the Chiefs’ Kingdom, due to COVID-19. Also, it’s not like in Denver, with the unique and not always easy to deal with mile high elevation. So, some of that home field advantage may be mitigated.

By that same token, on paper, the Chiefs sure look like the better team here, top to bottom. That said, there wasn’t a preseason. It’s not like we had so much as that “game in the third week of the preseason where the starters come out and play a series” or something. It’s entirely possible, especially in the early going, that even great teams and players come out flat, make mistakes, and aren’t able to rectify them all the way as the games continue.

All of the Games to Bet On

The above thinking, of course, comes in part from college football, the second best football league in the world and the one that doesn’t have a preseason any year. Many teams try to get around that by scheduling much smaller, “weaker” schools that first week so that they can get up to speed, so to speak, before the rest of their schedule.

But, how many times over the years have you seen a small school play a big one in the first week and win? Or, if not win, then at least keep the better school from covering the spread? Now, imagine that the “weaker school” isn’t full of very good high school football players who, at the end of their college careers, will move on with their life’s work, but rather, professionals who, on paper, might not be as good collectively as the other professionals they’re facing? That was a very long-winded way of saying “anything can happen.”

All of that said, there’s also an argument that. Well, the team that’s the underdog won’t have had a preseason, either. So, it’s entirely possible that the “cream rises to the top,” so to speak. On a level playing field (one where neither team had a preseason) the better team will win. These are all theoretical arguments. In a precious few hours, we’ll know the truth.

Betting on Football All Season Long

As ever, as long as there is football, you will be able to bet online at BetNow. That means you’ll be able to bet the point spread, the odds, the over/under, and so much more. If you want to bet on who’s ahead at the end of the first quarter, the first half, the third quarter. In addition to the end of the game, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Sure, this season won’t be like any other. Yes, there will be differences. But, if there’s one thing our bettors know how to do, it’s to take advantage of opportunities. So, you’ll be able to bet on NFL and win however you want, as always, right here at BetNow.