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Betting on NFL Games: Monday Night’s Always All Right

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting on NFL games

By the time you read this, Monday Night Football may have ended. The game between the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers may have ended. The Titans and the Broncos could have long wrapped up their game. However, there are plenty more Monday Nights to go (hopefully). Monday Night Football started for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was because, well, it gave folks another opportunity to bet on football. If you had lost all Sunday (and weekend) long, you could make the money back on Monday Night. That still holds true today. Betting on NFL games is easy at BetNow, any night there’s a game. 

Betting on NFL Games on Monday Night 

What makes Monday Night Football so special (beyond the betting function) is how it’s the only game on that night. While that may not be true for Week One, it certainly will be the rest of the year. Sure, these games can’t be “flexed out” due to travel schedules (unlike Sunday Night) but you will see unique matchups. Yes, the league can’t do anything about the matchups between these teams and sometimes you will have duds late in the year. But, for the most part, the league tries to give you an interesting matchup every Monday Night. 

This year is no different. You’ll see plenty of great teams, as well as some up and comers, too. In years past, the NFL league’s stance has been to try and make sure that no team plays more than three Monday Night games in a season. This is for any number of reasons, to help some teams get more exposure, to not play favorites too much, but there’s one more, clearer reason, too: teams tend to have a tough time after Monday Night. 

The Week After Monday Night 

It’s not 100% true, and teams have certainly gone on to win games after playing on Monday Night, but for the most part, it’s one more thing to keep in mind. It’s hard to win in the National Football League. That’s true no matter what. However, it can especially be true if you have one less day to prepare and rest than your opponent. That is, more or less, what happens after a Monday Night Football game. 

If you’ve ever looked into it, it can be fascinating, exactly how much preparation goes into one NFL game. Most teams take Sunday evening/night off after their game, then they devise their game strategy the next day. It’s implemented in a few practices, the players get used to it, and then fly out later that week (typically on Friday or Saturday). Obviously, with the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s going to change a bit this year. 

However, when you have a Monday Night Game, that all goes out the window. You have one fewer day for, well, everything. One less day to put together the game plan. One less day to implement it. One less day to learn everything. 

That’s to say nothing of the physical toll, of course. The other team gets one more day of treatment, one more day of rest, one more day to do, well, more or less whatever they want. That doesn’t mean that a better team with one less day is going to lose to a lesser team. However, it can give that lesser team a chance that they might not have had otherwise. 

Betting on NFL Games: Monday Night and Beyond 

If the NFL could, they might just have games on every night of the week. Of course, that’s entirely impossible for any number of reasons. But, there will be Monday Night games all year long. Additionally, the Thursday Night games will start soon, too. Once the college football season ends, then there will be Saturday games for the NFL as well. 

No matter when the NFL plays these games, you’ll be able to bet online at BetNow. We make it possible to bet on all of the NFL games you want, regardless of when they start or when they’re played. You can find all of the NFL action you want all season long. Here’s to the teams that you’re betting on this year!