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Betting on NFL 2021 Draft

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting on NFL 2021 Draft

It’s here. Finally. Real NFL stuff. Yes, it’s not a game. But, it’s a great experience. Moreover, it’s a great betting experience. There’s nothing like betting on NFL 2021 draft here at BetNow. Across three days, the NFL is going to be king again. Every team will tell you that they’re pleased with who they took, “we took the highest rated guy on our board,” etc. (Many of those teams will be lying, of course, as they reached for their individual team needs.) But, there’s no lying when it comes to how great this can be for bettors. If you’ve been doing mock drafts all winter (or you have no idea what a mock draft is), you can make plenty of money betting on the 2021 draft. 

Betting on NFL 2021 Draft First Picks 

Unlike during the football season, during the draft, the teams that had the worst season are the ones that people focus on. After all, they’re going to have the early picks. They’ll be the ones taking (presumably) the best players from college football – all with the idea that they won’t be picking this high again any time soon. That said, here at BetNow, you aren’t going to get the best odds on the first overall pick. 

It sure looks like that’s going to be Trevor Lawrence, the QB from Clemson. He’s probably going to the Jaguars. (Our -10000 odds do have that as a favorite.) But, if you believe that’s false, you can get a bet in on Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, or even Penei Sewell. 

After the first pick, though, then things start shaking up. Who are the Jets going to take? If you listen to the experts, they’re definitely going to take Zach Wilson, QB from BYU. But, if you’ve ever seen Justin Fields or Trey Lance play, you know that there’s talent there, too. The Jets have traded Sam Darnold, so it certainly feels like they’re likely to take a quarterback. What do you think? 

After the Jets, we get to the Niners. Now, it really gets interesting. They don’t have to take a QB. After all, we’re not all that far removed from Jimmy G. taking them to within a quarter (or so) of a Super Bowl win. That said, how often are you going to be picking 3rd overall? Is it time to get a talent at QB? Fields could still be here, Lance could, too, and Mac Jones from Alabama could enter the fray. How do you see it going? 

Betting by Position and More 

The draft is about more than just one player going to one team. We offer far, far more bets than that. For example, you can bet on who’s going to be the first wide receiver to be drafted. Between Ja’Marr Chase, DeVonta Smith, and Jaylen Waddle, each very much seems to have what it takes to be a “one.” Our favorite, as of this writing, is Ja’Marr Chase (his season, of course, backs that up.) But, that’s not to say that weird things can’t happen in the draft. (Some of you are old enough to remember Darius Hayward-Bey, a fine special teams player, being drafted by the Raiders in the first round because he was so fast.) 

You can also bet on who’s going to be the first running back taken. Will it be Najee Harris out of Alabama? Travis Etienne from Clemson? Or, the one rocketing up the prediction charts, Javonte Williams from North Carolina? 

We’ve also made it so that you can have cumulative bets, how many players drafted at a position or side of the ball are going to be picked in the first round on Thursday night. For example, do you think there will be more than four cornerbacks drafted in the first round or fewer? It’s a very good cornerback class. How about wide receivers? We’ve also made it possible to bet on how many offensive players are going to be drafted in the first round versus defensive players. You can bet on all of this Thursday night. The best part? There’s two more days of betting the NFL draft afterwards! You can bet it (as well as so much else) here at BetNow!