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Betting on NBA Games at the Premier Online Sportsbook

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting on NBA Games

With the NFL season over, the NBA takes center court. If you’ve been looking for something to bet on now that football has ended, the NBA is waiting here with open arms. There are NBA games practically every night between now and the playoffs. So, this is the perfect way to get that betting action that you’ve been looking for. Here at our BetNow online sportsbook, we have many different ways of betting on NBA games. That way, you can find a way to play that feels right for you. 

Betting on NBA Games By Quarters 

“All bets are closed.” How many times have you seen a gambling establishment in a movie or TV show where someone says that? Typically, it’s a scene from an older movie, where someone’s trying to bet on a ball game or a horse race or something, and they don’t get there in time before the race or game starts, so they can’t bet on it. This comes from a very real thing: in the near past, if you tried to bet on NBA game after it started, you wouldn’t be allowed to do so. 

We believe that there should be more opportunities for bettors to bet and win during a game. Just because the game has started doesn’t mean that you should be precluded from betting. By that same token, we also believe that you should be able to bet on more than just the end of the game, too. To use an example from the near past, go back to Super Bowl Sunday and look at all those grids with the “scores at the end of each quarter” kind of thing. Sure, it makes sense to do that for the Super Bowl, the one game a year that everyone is going to see. 

However, you can do that with just about every NBA game. At our site, you’ll find a link for “NBA QTRS.” This link is exactly what it sounds like: a way to bet on who’s going to be ahead of each quarter, so that you can have more ways to win. Instead of just one chance, at the end of the game, you can be rewarded for who’s doing what throughout the game. Here at BetNow, we’re all about maximizing your opportunities. 

An Online Sportsbook with Team Totals 

Another thing that we focus on at BetNow is rewarding the players who do the research. Obviously, there’s always going to be plenty of luck involved with betting on sports, but the players who do the most research are the ones that typically tend to get ahead consistently, of course. Anyone can pick a winner sometime, the best are the ones who pick them time after time. 

So, we wanted to find a way to be able to reward players for that. If you know that some teams are betting in the 2nd quarter than they are at any other point of the game, or conversely, you know that sometimes are just absolutely flat coming out for the 3rd quarter, then you should be rewarded for that. By offering our players more opportunities, our best players will rise to the occasion (just like the best players in the NBA themselves). 

Additionally, we also offer “Team Totals,” too. These are the kinds of “over/unders” that include each team. So, instead of betting whether the two teams are going to have a combined score that’s higher than a number, you’re going to bet on whether or not these specific teams will. This is one more area where our most prolific researching bettors can get ahead: they know which teams score more against which other teams and through what circumstances. These are just some of the bets we’re proud to offer. 

Regular Season and Playoffs 

All of these bets don’t just stop when the playoffs start. On the contrary, that’s when they really heat up. Sure, it’s one thing to put a few bucks down on Chicago vs. Phoenix in the middle of the winter. It’s something else entirely to do so for a seven game series between two of the league’s best teams. 

The playoffs are always a time to shine, and our site takes that very seriously. We’ll have all of the playoff games for you here at BetNow as well. That way, we can be your one stop shop for betting on NBA games that you want. Of course, there’s more basketball going on than just the NBA. That’s why you’ll be able to bet on college basketball games that you want here, too. You can also find a selection of overseas basketball games that is literally second to none. To see everything that we have to offer, come on down to BetNow.