Betting on NBA Games 2021 as the Season Heats Up

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting on NBA Games 2021

There’s nothing like the NBA season as it races towards the playoffs. Sure, March Madness is incredible, and a once a year phenomenon. But, it’s also something that takes place over a month. Part of the excitement is that it’s here and then it isn’t, it’s ephemeral. The NBA, on the other hand, lasts. That’s even true during a season like this when there were so many fewer games than another one. That just, of course, has made it all the more a bigger deal. So, you can always enjoy betting on NBA games 2021 right here at BetNow. 

Betting on NBA Games 2021 that Could be a Preview of the Finals 

Sure, the traditional powers are the traditional powers. The Lakers aren’t going anywhere. There are, however, many good teams that could ultimately win everything. They’re not guaranteed to, but they do have a chance to get there. So when a great team from the West and a very good one from the East meet, it’s always something to look at. After all, should things break their way, that could be a good preview of what’s to come. 

We have just such a matchup tomorrow. For example, the Utah Jazz are playing the Boston Celtics. The Jazz are having a great season, in first in the West as of this writing. That said, of course, they might not stay there – there are so many good teams in the West duking it out. But, the Celtics are having a good season, too. They could absolutely be one of those teams that goes on a run and ends up coming out of the East (just as the Heat did last season in the bubble). 

Teams Trying to Get Back Into It 

One of the things about a shorter season is that you have to come out of the gate hard. There really isn’t time for mistakes. So many teams, in a long NBA season, may have ups and downs, etc. They might think, after a bit of a cold spell, “well, we still have time to turn this around.” You really don’t in the shortened season. You gotta win and you gotta win now. 

We have such a game with high stakes this Tuesday. The Oklahoma City Thunder are playing the Chicago Bulls. For either team to make a push into the NBA playoffs, it’s gotta happen sooner vs. later if it’s going to happen at all. This is one of those games that, if you’re the team who loses and then doesn’t make the playoffs, you gotta look back on and think: “that’s one we could have had.” These games, even now, on the day before St. Patrick’s Day, have such stakes to them. You have to win as many as you can. 

Potential Playoff Matchups 

Playoff seeding is always important. Even in a season where the stadiums can’t be packed, you want as many games at home as you can. That’s why matchups between teams in the same conference are so important. For example, we have one today, with the New York Knicks playing the Sixers. The Sixers are off to a great start, in first place in the East. they’re looking for their first trip to the Finals since The Answer went with Mutombo. 

That said, they’re going to have to get past teams like the Knicks to do so. Sure, the Knicks probably aren’t going to be a contender for the title this year. But, they are the kind of team that the Sixers very well might face in a first or second round matchup. In games like this, these teams can learn about each other, while the Knicks need this one to stay in the hunt. 

Speaking of staying in the hunt, that’s what our betting allows you to do here at BetNow. You can always bet on sports that you want, all season long, whether it’s NCAA basketball, NBA, or anything else. Good luck all season from BetNow!