Betting On March Madness Without Going Nuts

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting On March Madness

For most of us, we started thinking about betting on March Madness 2020 roughly a few minutes after March Madness 2019 ended. That was just about a year ago, and March Madness is finally almost here. Once it does get here, you’ll be able to bet on it how you want at our site. As ever, BetNow offers more ways to bet on the NCAA Men’s Tournament games in the way that you want. Below, we’ve cataloged some different ways that you can bet on these games once they get going. 

Betting on March Madness: the Spread

There are 64 teams in the tournament, more if you count the “First Four” games. If you’re a truly dedicated bettor, maybe you’ve seen every team play. You know who’s hot, who isn’t, who the stars are on each team, what players do and don’t live up to their hype, etc. But, if you’re like many of us – you haven’t been able to do as much research as you would like on every single team. That’s where betting the spread can come in handy. 

This is the line that you’re given about the game, who’s favored and by what. It gives you some wiggle room, so to speak. So you don’t have to pick the team that absolutely wins the game. Here, it can pay to “go with your gut,” to follow that. When you’re betting the spread, you maybe don’t have to know everything about every team. But, it can pay to know about the points per game, how many points they allow on average, their record with or against the spread, their momentum, how they’ve been doing recently, and so forth. 

Offense and Defense: the Totals 

After every season ends, you might be like many of us who think: “well I didn’t learn everything I wanted to about these teams this year, but next year, I’ll be entirely on top of it. I’ll know all there is to know about every team.” Of course, that doesn’t happen. Another great way to bet on sports when you want to get in on the action but you only know but so much about each team is to bet on the totals. This is the perfect way to make a lot of money when you have some good established feelings and predictions about the game. 

When you’re betting on these totals, it’s typically an “over/under,” is the score going to be under this, over that, etc. So, you’ll want to know about the offense and defense of each team. How these teams score, how they defend, and so forth. Of course, as this is the NCAA tournament, you’re going to want to look at how they do against similar competition, too. For example, if you’re looking at a game where the champion of a mid-major conference is going against a team from a power conference, the mid-major team may have some gaudy, gaudy statistics. They might look like an absolute dynamo. 

Of course, so many of those stats come from playing against the other teams in their conference. They might not have seen the caliber of athletes, at least not consistently, that they might face when they go against a power conference team, even one that didn’t win their conference. That’s when it might pay to look at each team’s non-conference schedule. There, you can see how they matched up against the kinds of teams that they’re likely to face in the tournament. Of course, that’s just as true of power conference teams (or teams that play a certain style) as it is mid-major ones, as well. 

The Money Line: Money on the Line 

High stakes. Big wins. That’s what you can find with the money line. The money line is clarifying, it makes things clear. There isn’t a lot to have to worry about with the money line, just a simple edict: win. Pick the winner. That’s what it takes to win. Just pick the team that’s going to win the game and you’ll win. After all, in a college basketball game, you only have two choices. In the big tournament, upsets happen all of the time. 

That’s where the money line can really be your friend: when you have a stone cold lock on an upset. When you know that some upset is going to happen in the tournament, then you probably want to bet the money line. The reason is simple: you can get the most amount of money for online betting on the upset in this format. When you know something that no one else does, this is where you can make real money on it. Of course, you can always bet through our bracket system and in so many other ways. Here’s to betting on March Madness!