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Betting on March Madness 2021 – When the Time Comes

March is here. March Madness isn’t quite here yet. When it is, when it arrives, you’ll be able to bet on it, as ever, here at BetNow. March Madness is like the Super Bowl if it lasted for practically an entire month. This March Madness is going to be special, too. As the month goes on, as more and more people get vaccinated, there will be more and more people at the games. That’s great, but what’s even greater: betting on March Madness 2021 and winning. As ever, you’ll be able to do that at BetNow. 

Betting on March Madness 2021 Brackets and More 

The bracket. There are brackets in all walks of life. There are brackets in math, there are brackets in other tournaments, there are all kinds of brackets. But, when you say “the bracket,” most people just think you’re talking about March Madness. After all, this is the one bracket we all know, the one time a year that we’re all exposed to a bracket. Of course, the march madness bracket is difficult. 

Everyone fills out a bracket. Whether or not you bet the bracket, everyone fills one out. That said, there is no greater, more exquisite pain, than filling out a bracket, having much of it be right, and not having bet it. Not having put money on the bracket so that you could get the winnings that you deserve. Everyone has a story about such a thing (many of these are false). However, you don’t want to let it happen to you. 

If you have a great bracket, you’ll be rewarded for it at BetNow. At our sports betting site, a great bracket can be a great pay day. After all, the bracket is so hard to get right. Each of those games can go one way or another, and getting them all right is as tough as winning a lottery ticket. But, if you’ve paid attention, if you’ve watched the games and done your research, then you’ll be ready to go. Even if you haven’t, you may still win. That’s just part of the beauty of the bracket. 

Pre Madness Betting 

That said, the bracket isn’t the only way that you can bet on these games. There are plenty of other ways to bet, too. You can bet on the games as they go, one by one. So, instead of having to get the entire East region right, for example, you just have to win a game or two. That’s another great way to engage and win with March Madness. (it can be especially helpful for those who may have had their bracket busted). 

That said, at BetNow, you’ll also be able to bet on the halves, too. So, you’re picking who scores more points in the first half or in the second. That way, you don’t have to get the game right, you just have to pick who’s going to score more points in either of those. Think of the opportunities that open up for someone to win during a March Madness game. 

You could bet on the winner of that actual game. You could bet on whos’ going to win this game in your bracket. Beyond that, you could also pick which team is going to score more points in the first half as well as which is going to score more points in the second half. That’s four different ways to win all based on one game alone. That’s the power of BetNow. We know that you have options when it comes to betting, and we want to be sure to give you as many as possible. 

That said, there’s so much more to college basketball betting than just March Madness. Sure, Madness is what we remember, but the conference tournaments and the like are coming together now, too. You can bet all of those games as well as everything else here at BetNow.