Betting on Horse Racing at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting on Horse Racing at BetNow

Betting on horse racing might seem a bit archaic or slow for someone who bets on the biggest games at our site, but horse racing can be a tremendous way to make a lot of money. There are plenty of great opportunities to bet on horse racing, but the Breeders’ Cup only comes around once a year. At our site, you can bet on that as well as plenty of other great horse races. What makes our horse racing betting different is that you get all of the excitement and opportunity of betting on horses with the special BetNow touch. 

Betting on Horse Racing Win, Place or Show

When you bet on horses, it’s a bit different than betting on other sports. After all, it’s not like the horses are trying to score points against each other, or that you can bet on something other than the outcomes. Here, you’re betting on which horses can do best in the race. However, there are multiple ways to bet that, so that you aren’t just betting on which horses win. Of course, you can bet on horses to win. That’s where the “win” part of this section heading comes from. 

“Place” means that you’re betting on the horse to come in first or second. Perhaps you’ve got a great feeling about a horse, but you don’t think that it will be able to win outright. Then, you could bet “place” and if your horse comes in first or second, you would win. This is a very popular bet, and a way that you can win without requiring your horse to win the race outright. 

“Show” means that you’re betting on a horse to finish somewhere in the top three. It’d be like betting on someone to get a medal in the Olympics. You believe that this horse will finish in the top three, and if it does, you win. Should the horse win the race, come in second or come in third, you’ll win here. These are just some of the bets that you can make on horses. There are plenty of other, more exotic bets that may be available for the horse races that you’re interested in. 

The Breeders’ Cup

For many casual horse racing fans or bettors, it can feel like horse racing doesn’t happen once the Triple Crown has ended. However, that’s not the case: there are plenty of big horse racing events at many different times throughout the year. Sure, the Breeders’ Cup may not have the same name recognition as the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, or the Belmont Stakes, but this is one of the biggest horse races throughout the course of the year. 

This year, 2021, the Breeders’ Cup will be held at Santa Anita Park, near Los Angeles. If you go to our site, you can find the early odds on these horses, and begin your research. We have eleven horses for you to bet on at our site. This encompasses the favorites, horses like McKinzie and Yoshida, as well as the underdogs, which, as of this writing, are horses like Seeking the Soul and (the wonderfully named) Math Wizard. 

There isn’t exactly a point spread on horse racing, nor is there an over/under, but for this race as of this moment, you can bet the money line. That means that you’re betting on which horse you think is going to win the race. Sure, the favorites are often favorites for a reason, but when an underdog wins one of these things, you can be a big winner. For example, imagine that Mongolian Groom is somehow able to pull this thing out. At +1600, you would receive an extra $1600 for every $100 that you bet. That’s a fine way to spend Halloween. You won’t have to trick or treat with that money. 

A Place for Horse Racing 

We’re writing this right now because the Breeders’ Cup is right around the corner, yes, but we’ve found that many of our sports bettors, even the consistent ones, don’t realize everything that we have to offer in terms of benefits for those who bet on horse racing at our site. We’ve designed BetNow to be the complete and total sports betting site for your needs. That means that we want to be the place you come to bet on the NFL, NBA and everything like that, but we also want you to stick around for the horse racing, too. 

That’s why we have an 10% horse rebate as of this writing. Plus, you’ll get a 50% sign up bonus. That means that if you sign up now, we’ll give you half of what you initially put in. It’s one more way of thanking you for coming to BetNow to bet on the ponies.