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Betting on College Basketball

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
betting on college basketball

One of the most enjoyable pastimes for basketball enthusiasts is betting on college basketball. The NCAA Division I men’s basketball season starts on November 5, 2019 and will end with the final four teams in Atlanta, Georgia on April 6, 2020. There are 68 teams participating in this tournament and the excitement grows as the competition gets stiffer and more aggressive.

Betting stations and online wagering sites are bracing for an influx of gamblers to this yearly collegiate basketball competition. For some punters, they don’t take a glance at betting on college basketball through the early part of the year and when the March Madness basketball event draws near. Every college hoopster bettor would want a piece of the action until then. 

But there are gamblers who would take a chance on college basketball betting as soon as the tournament starts in November sliding through December. These months are so unpredictable that sharp bettors only gamble at this point of time. But if you want to place your bets out of excitement in these months, you may do so but consider the tips of experts who make this hobby their means of livelihood.


Bringing Down the Selection Process

The selection process is the tricky part of this tournament. There are 350 Division I College Basketball Programs involved in this event. It is almost impossible to monitor the volume of games played in the early months of the tournament. The best thing to do is to narrow your selection on which basketball team you want to place wagers on. 

A punter can focus better with just a few teams to monitor in the selection process. Look for the teams that tells you that they’ll be there to play for another day. A bettor can consider the team rankings if they want to narrow down teams in the process.


Home Court Advantage

Consider the home court advantage when you are rooting for a team to bet on. College kids have different levels of maturity unlike the pros in the NBA. These amateurs perform well where they are at ease, and that would be in the local playhouse. Playing away from home affect their playing ability or the surface they play on might be a factor for their poor performance. Most of the time, the home-court favourite most likely wins. Put weight on the home teams in betting on college basketball.

betting on college basketball

Rebounding is a Plus

Rebounding is an advantage with your betting on college basketball. College basketball teams that make more rebounds in competitions to win the match most of the time. It becomes more effective when the offensive rebounds are also working for the ball club. More rebounds mean more possessions of the ball that equates to more chances in earning hoops. Excellent rebounding teams like the Michigan State Spartans as the top rebounding team in college basketball in the 2018-2019 season. The Spartans grabbed 37.7 rebounds per game. The Maryland Terrapins follow the best rebounding team last year with 36.2 rebounds per game. Coming in third in this category is the Rutgers Scarlet Knights with a rebounding percentage of 35.9. The 4th best rebounding team is the Purdue Boilermakers rebounding at 34.1 rebounds per contest. So when you decide which team to bet on, look into their rebounding stats to make your smart betting on college basketball. 


Size of the Tournament Divisions

College Basketball consists of 32 various conferences and leagues. There are Power 5 groups like the Big 10 and the ACC to the small mid-majors of the Northeast Conference to the Patriot Games. There is a tendency that sportsbooks skip the minor leagues to focus on the main events that draw the betting actions the most. Keeping tabs on these mid-majors competition will be worth your time and could be an advantage in your betting activities.


Betting on College Basketball Basing on Tournament Schedules

If you want to enjoy your betting activities in collegiate basketball, learn to read schedules. College basketball season has three parts: The non-conference, conference, and the postseason. Teams in this tournament will schedule easier games against weaker rivals to build rapport and an impressive resume’ to qualify in a postseason slot. They call this part the warm up schedules for the stronger teams. Betting on these matches may be hard to project with little knowledge about the teams that will pit against each other. 

The second part of the schedule is when teams participate in their own conferences. A bettor could predict the outcomes of these contests with the familiarity of the teams toward each other. 

The last part of the schedule you may want to learn is the postseason slating where the better teams qualify to compete at this stage of the tournament. Teams will give their all and so is the best time to place wagers at this level of competition. The stronger and smarter team will garner the title. Your betting on college basketball will bear the fruits when you place your bet based on the schedules of the season.


Teams that are Highly Motivated

Look for teams that have a higher level of motivation when you are betting on college basketball. Weaker teams may have the motivation it takes to overthrow a leading contender in a non-conference skirmish. Weaker teams could use that hype to be heard and promoted to a higher degree of competitive energy that could topple a team who wants to build an image to qualify in postseason events.


Betting on College Basketball in the Totals

The totals may be unpredictable when you are at it. Base your choices on the statistics presented for both squads. Root for that number before it stretches too far for your bets. Ask bookies, they will reply that the most feared option in a sportsbook is the total odds prediction. If you placed your bets on a number and locked on it in the totals prediction, consider yourself one of the smart bettors in the field of gambling. is the ultimate sportsbook that will cater to your whim when you are in to betting on college basketball. Visit us now at and learn how you can do better into sports gambling. Call us at 1-844-823-8669 or send an email to