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Betting NFL Football as the Lines Change

The NFL changes constantly. Sometimes, it changes more than you might notice at first. Obviously, we’re all too aware of the changes from the pandemic. But, the games change from year to year. For example, just last year, it seemed like Lamar Jackson had revolutionized football, with his option play and the Ravens’ historic running attack. This year, the Ravens are struggling to make the playoffs, not nearly running like they were (Obviously, they’ve had quite a few O-line injuries). The league changes all the time, as do lines. No matter what, betting NFL football is trouble-free here at the top sports betting website, BetNow. 

Betting NFL Football Saturday 

The Panthers head to Green Bay to kick off Saturday football this year. As college moves into the bowl season, the NFL steps in to fill our Saturday football needs. Carolina is a team that’s hard to figure. They aren’t going to the playoffs, but they tend to give good teams a tough time. They absolutely played the Chiefs to their limit the other week. 

That said, the Pack might just be too good for them. The Pack looks as good as they did (at least on offense) during their Super Bowl 45 run. That said, the line on this game has moved from nine to eight in just the last few days. Does that change how you feel about things? Do you believe that Carolina can cover or even win this one? Or are the Pack are going to roll? 

Also on Saturday, the Bills head to Mile High to play the Broncos. The Bills have to be seen as a real contender now, not just in the AFC but for the Super Bowl, too. That said, the Broncos aren’t a pushover. Just like Carolina, they gave the Chiefs a hard time just the other week. Moreover, even with their injuries, that defense is quite real. If the Broncos can hit some throws and get the running game going, it’s possible to see them at least covering the six-point line on this game. What do you think? 

Sunday and Monday Night Games, Too 

The Sunday night game is usually big, and this Sunday is no exception. The Browns head to New York to play the Giants. It’s rare that you get a game between two teams to figure out which (if either) is real or not. The Browns have looked better as of late. If they don’t win, then the Steelers clinch the division without even having to beat the Bengals the next night in Cincinnati. 

That said, the Giants have plenty to play for too, as they’re right there with the Football Team for the NFC East. What do you think? Have the Browns turned a corner? Or, have the Giants fought their way back? 

That said, no conversation about this week’s games is going to be complete without the Chiefs playing the Saints. This Super Bowl preview is truly a Super Bowl preview. Usually, that moniker only comes out for a game between two teams with winning records who play moderately late in a season from the respective conferences. This is not that. This is probably one of the true NFL odds on favorites for Super Bowl matchups right now. As ever, you can bet NFL game as well as all of the remaining ones (and the playoffs) here at BetNow.